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The Connection Between Indoor Air Quality And AC Repairs

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Did you know the indoor air quality in homes and offices is sometimes more polluted than outside air? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it’s been determined that indoor air pollutants are often between 2 to 5 times higher on average indoors than outdoors.

Additionally, in some instances, indoor air pollution levels are 100 times greater than outdoor levels of the same pollutant. It’s even been proven that certain pollutants in furnishings, synthetic building materials, household pesticides, and cleaners have increased in recent years.

Since Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors, according to the EPA, having a functioning AC that can improve indoor air quality is incredibly important. This means AC repairs, maintenance, and routine filter changes are crucial to living and breathing in a healthy indoor environment.

In South Florida, we spend much time indoors in air-conditioned rooms throughout the year to escape the heat. So, it’s important to learn the connection between indoor air quality and AC repairs.

What Is In Your Indoor Air?

With indoor air quality being significantly worse than the air quality outdoors, this means people are more susceptible to experiencing poor health conditions, especially if they spend most of their time indoors.

For example, indoor air pollutants like asbestos, lead, mold, fungi, and bacteria lead to fatigue, coughing, sneezing, respiratory distress, headaches, and a general feeling of being unwell.

So how does indoor air quality tie into AC repairs? Simple, your AC uses an air filter to help remove particles and pollutants to improve indoor air quality. Additionally, your AC also assists with regulating your home’s humidity, improving the air you breathe.

When an AC unit is not maintained frequently or isn’t functioning effectively, this can lead to humidity in your home, causing mildew, mold, and a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.

Poorly Maintained AC Units Negatively Affect Air Quality

Young children, the elderly, and individuals with respiratory problems like asthma are at the greatest risk from indoor air pollutants. However, even the average person’s health can be negatively affected.

Fortunately, your home’s air quality can be improved with regular AC maintenance from a local AC company.​​​​​​ An AC technician can routinely examine your AC system to determine when your filter needs to be replaced. Since your AC system recycles the air in your home and filters the pollutants in the air, it’s important to replace the air filters often and to ensure the unit itself is functioning as effectively as it can. ​​Routinely replacing your AC filters helps to provide a cool environment while filtering pollutants like pet dander, mold, dust, pollen, and mildew.

During AC maintenance, the technician will also clean your AC’s coils while ensuring the entire HVAC system operates efficiently. If your AC unit isn’t working at peak efficiency, it could be affecting your indoor air quality and causing you or your family members health issues, that’s why it’s important to have your unit maintained.

Older AC Units Negatively Impact Indoor Air Quality

Not many people realize that older AC units can negatively impact indoor air quality and the health of a home’s occupants. Air conditioning units don’t last indefinitely, even with routine maintenance, as with any other appliance, they have a shelf life before they need to be replaced

Unfortunately, older air conditioning units that no longer work properly can harbor microorganisms that compromise the air quality within your home. In addition, if the ductwork on your AC is old, it can also cause your unit to operate at less than peak efficiency, leading to indoor air quality issues that affect your health.

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We also offer indoor air quality testing to help you identify the quality of air in your home or business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.


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