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Increasing Efficiency of Central Air Conditioning

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Increasing efficiency and decreasing expenses are the goals of every business owner when reviewing the monthly statements. Although often, it can be difficult to shift out true energy-saving investments from unnecessary interventions. Of the various cost- and consumption-cutting tips and techniques for your company’s central air conditioning unit this summer, let’s look at the effects of window tinting.

Where Does the Window Fit In?

Windows are a source of light, ventilation and even decor in any living or working space. However, they can negatively affect the energy efficiency of your business by allowing warmth to either enter the room (adding to the heat being generated inside) or escape it (reducing the heat generated inside). This directly affects the functioning of the central air conditioning unit as it would need to increase its effort to overcome the extra gains or losses. The bright sunlight can also cause glare off the windows, computer screens or other surfaces within the office that can reduce concentration, working conditions and productivity. Ill-fitted windows can also result in leaks that allow air leakage that may affect your internal climate.

What You Can Do About It

Simple Alterations

  • Consider installing white blinds, curtains or shades. White reflects heat and therefore, should help reduce some of the heat gain. They also provide an element of protection from glare.
  • Think about creating roof gardens or planting trees and shrubbery around your offices to help reduce the energy transfer – especially if planted on the west and south sides of the building. Some studies show that this can reduce central cooling cost by 30%.
  • Close the doors and cooling ducts to rooms that aren’t being used as frequently to help reduce consumption costs and increase energy efficiency.

Although these small changes may make a difference, it is advisable to consider more permanent interventions to decrease central air conditioning consumption and therefore, increase your energy efficiency.

More Effective Interventions

Treating Leaks

If you suspect that your windows are allowing mixing of external/internal environments, you can consider caulking for small, static cracks and gaps or weather-stripping for mobile structures like doors and windows.

Window Treatments or Coverings

Adding tinting, films or coating to your windows can help you reduce the heat gain in summer by providing some insulation, helping you maintain a stable working environment. They can also reduce the brightness and glare associated with sunlight.


Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric recommends and installs the technology of SolarZoneTM Window Films. These films are applied to the interior surface of your business’ windows and selectively filter sunlight that enters a room. This ultimately reduces the harsh light and glare, 99% of harmful UV radiation and up to 80% of the transfer of heat. This allows for more accurate climate control with less effort from your central air conditioning unit and therefore, less energy consumption. The reduction in consumption is so great that studies supported by the US Department of Energy predict a 3- to 5-year return on investment; reducing up to a 12,00 BTUs of energy per 100 ft2.

Making energy efficient change around your home or the office is great for your family and your company, but also great for the environment. If you are interested in installing SolarZone Window Films to increase their efficiency, please contact us at Art Plumbing, AC and Electric today.


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