Identifying Three Of The Most Common AC Repairs
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Compressors, Fans, Leaks – Types Of AC Repairs You Might Need

AC Repairs
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No matter your location, there are few worse scenarios than an air conditioning unit in need of repair. While there are a variety of things that could go wrong, three of the most common AC repairs you might need are compressors, fans, and leaks. It is essential to understand how your air conditioner works to troubleshoot what the problem may be, but it is also incredibly important to leave AC repairs to a licensed and trained AC technician.


To recognize that your AC may need a repair to the compressor, you need to know the function of a compressor as well as some common problems they have. In the most basic sense, the compressor is the heart of the air conditioner – its function is to pump the refrigerant through the rest of the unit. Since the coolant is responsible for capturing the heat, your AC unit would not be able to produce cold air without the compressor.

Though the mechanics of a compressor are complicated, knowing there is a problem with it is as simple as noticing a difference in your inside air temperature. One of the most common issues a compressor has is low refrigerant.

Some of the signs this is the problem are:

  • frost “freeze-up” on the coils inside your air handler (unit inside your home)
  • bubbling sound coming from lines
  • constant running of your AC without your home getting cooler

If you notice any of these warning signs with your AC unit and compressor, it is critical to call for repairs as soon as possible to prevent further damage and risk the chance of needing a replacement.


Unlike the complicated mechanics of the compressor, the AC fan is easier to understand because its purpose is like that of any standard fan. Air conditioner fans serve a double purpose as they not only pull the static, hot air from a room but also push the cooled air back into the room. If the compressor is the heart of the AC, the fan serves as its lungs. Another similarity is that if the fan of the unit isn’t working or needs repair, the unit will not run without it.

The easiest way to see if there is a problem with your fan is by simply looking at the outside component of your AC unit. It should be immediately noticeable if the fan is running regularly. Be sure to make note if it seems to be running faster or slower than usual, as well as if it is making any odd noises. If you notice any of these signs, it is essential to contact a professional to make any needed repairs as this could mean several things:

  • belt issues
  • power issues
  • motor issues
  • capacitator issues


Another easy to spot and relatively common AC repair you might need over time is fixing a leak. While it is not strange for an air conditioner to leak, there are many reasons it may do so:

  • obstructed condensate line: this is the white pipe that runs on the outside of your unit and can often be obstructed by various yard debris
  • old drain pan: as your unit ages, the drain pan the AC uses to collect condensation may become rusted or cracked
  • dirty air filter: when your air filter becomes dirty it may cause coils to freeze, which will result in leaking
  • refrigerant problems: most often a refrigerant related leak will occur due to low refrigerant levels that lead to low pressure that results in frozen coils

Because there are so many reasons your AC might be leaking water, always call a professional to accurately handle what sort of repair or service you may need.

Though air conditioners are complicated pieces of machinery, compressor, fan, and leak repairs are three of the most common issues that may keep your AC from running at its best. Call Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric at 1-800-475-1504 for help with any AC repairs – Art Can Fix It.


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