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Salt Free Water Treatment Systems 101

Water Treatment Systems
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Residential and commercial water systems require treatment based on the owner’s needs and function. In South Florida, our public utility is the South Florida Water Management District, which services rural and urban areas in the region and is governed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Our water comes from aquifers (ground water) which passes through a processing plant to be desalinated and decontaminated for human use.

Water Treatment System

Water treatment is a process which improves the quality of drinking or irrigation water to make it acceptable for a required end-use. The end-use could be residential, an irrigation system for agriculture, industrial, or recreation (such as a water park). Water treatment systems function by changing the chemical structure of minerals through a descaling process, which prevents minerals and solid compounds from depositing in piping and fixtures.

Water comes from natural and man-made resources such as lakes, ponds, sea water, from dams, aquifers, and reservoirs. In its natural state, water can sometimes have high levels of salt or natural compounds such as magnesium and calcium.

There are typically two common types of water filtration systems: Point of Entry (POE) or Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC). Both POE and GAC systems are installed to mitigate potential health risks when servicing agricultural and residential areas.

  • A POE water filtration system is typically a whole home system where the water first enters the home.

  • A GAC system requires one or two-tanks installed inside or outside a residence or commercial property.

  • The popular Brita or PUR pitchers are considered point-of-use. There is also research which substantiates that carbon filtration systems are highly efficient at removing volatile organic compounds or VOCs.

South Florida water comes from both the Florida and Biscayne Aquifers. The former is desalinated at a treatment plant in North Miami to service its surrounding metro area. Groundwater can be brackish, which is less salinized and cheaper to process. Since the Biscayne Aquifer is a needed resource routed to the Everglades, the South Florida Water Management District and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have dedicated that resource to this area of the region.

Salt-Free Water Treatment System

A salt-free treatment system functions more as a descaler than a conditioner. It removes common limescale – the chalky deposits you may see on dried, hard water spots, although deposits can still occur in areas of standing water or in your plumbing. In general, water softeners can extend the life of your water heater, plumbing, and clothing, so it’s important to consider what your needs are and do the necessary research. If this is new to you, it’s recommended to contact a water system technician – they can also give insight and guidance on landscaping and irrigation requirements set forth by the SFWMD.

At Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric we can provide several salt-free system options for both residential and commercial property owners. We have an expert team of certified technicians servicing Florida who can install a salt free water treatment system using our two-tank Green System GAC model. This type of treatment system uses seed crystallization which will drastically reduce limescale deposits in your piping and fixtures. The Green System helps conserve our precious resource by using less water by volume, saves money, and enhances the effectiveness of cleaning products used daily in your home or business.

If you need some insight into the best salt free water treatment for your home or office or have questions concerning what type of water filtration services are available then contact us for a consultation.


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