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Why You Need A Water Filtration System

water filtration
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You may be asking yourself why you need a water filtration system over and above the municipal water supply. The reality is that the standard of water you are receiving from municipal water treatments is poor and we believe you deserve better.

But what does “filtered water” actually mean? Well, it’s the same water you get from your faucet, but healthier. The purpose of water filtration is to remove extra, unnecessary chemicals and elements, pesticides, and bacteria which slip through the treatment processes that the municipality uses on the water.

At Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric, we value quality water, and want to supply you with the same luxury. So, here’s why we think you should get a better water filtration system.

  • Cleaner Water

    While the municipal system does the best that they can to make tap water clean, it simply isn’t. Tap water flows in pipes for hundreds of miles before it reaches your home, and along the way, it picks up pesticides, industrial waste run off, harmful bacteria, and other pollutants. Studies done on tap water have shown that it contains up to 300 different contaminants. That’s a large number of things that make tap water dirty. Also, minerals from the ground like calcium and magnesium can seep into the water supply and produce “hard water.” While hard water is not a health risk, it can discolor clothes and porcelain and can build up in pipes causing blockages.

  • Healthier Water

    Many municipal water treatment systems use chlorine to disinfect water. This may seem harmless enough, until people remember that chlorine is the main ingredient in bleach as well as chlorinated swimming pools; both things we would not dare drink. Chlorine isn’t good for humans, and carries its own risks of bladder cancer and colon cancer. So, while it is a necessary evil to get rid of potentially harmful microorganisms, we believe the chlorine should be filtered out before you think of drinking or bathing in it. Other than chlorine, water filtration systems remove contaminants and toxins that are potentially harmful to health and improve headaches, constipation, and healthy weight control.

  • Water That Tastes And Smells Better

    Chlorine is also the main contributor to water that tastes unpleasant, and removing it gives the water a more pleasant and refreshing taste. Other than chlorine, contaminants and industrial run off, that could contain sulfur and iron, can give water a foul, rotten egg smell. This makes water unpleasant to drink. Water filtration helps to improve the water quality, and the result is water that looks, tastes and smells better. People with filtration systems notice the difference in the way their water tastes compared to normal tap water.

  • Filtered Water Is Cost Effective And Environmentally Friendly

    Bottled water is not much better than tap water. About 25-40% of bottled water comes from the municipal water supply. Companies just market it as cleaner and safer for profit purposes. While the initial cost of installation of a water filter may cost a couple hundreds of dollars, the long-term cost outweighs this. There are no benefits in buying bottled water. It uses up numerous resources to make plastic bottles, and most of them end up polluting the oceans and landfills. Filtered water is environmentally friendly.

There are many different types of water filtration systems that cater to your needs. For more information on water filtration services we at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric offer, give us a call today!


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