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Don’t Let A Faulty Water Heater Ruin Your Day – Call Us For Repair Services

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Water heaters are an essential appliance in any home. Often overlooked unless they are faulty, water heaters provide hot water for daily activities like showering, cooking, and cleaning. Unfortunately, in South Florida, water heaters often need repair due to a combination of environmental and climate factors unique to Florida.

Understanding these factors can help homeowners take preventative measures to extend the lifespan of their units. Whether the fault is corrosion due to the saltwater in the air, or sediment build-up due to our hard water, don’t let a faulty water heater ruin your day.

Types Of Water Heaters

There are several types of water heaters used in Florida, each having its advantages and disadvantages. The most popular style is the conventional/tank-style water heater, followed in popularity by the tankless version.

Conventional Water Heater

The conventional water heater is very effective in its simplicity. Cold water enters the tank where it gets heated and stored until needed. The only disadvantage is that if the tank is emptied, it may take a while for more hot water to become available. The reliable, conventional-style water heater comes in both electrical and gas versions.

The Tankless Water Heater

Usually mounted on the wall, the tankless water heater supplies an endless amount of hot water on demand. When a faucet is turned on, the water passes through a pipe into the unit, where elements instantly heat it.

Tankless water heaters must be sized properly. Although the supply of hot water is not limited, the water flow rate will diminish if the heater is too small.

Other types of water heaters include:

  • Heat pump water heaters – using electricity, they move the heat from the air/ground to heat the water.
  • Solar water heaters – use the sun’s energy to heat water
  • Hybrid water heaters – A combination of tank and tankless water heaters.
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Signs Of A Faulty Water Heater

Water heaters have a life span, and will need repair/replacement even if properly installed and maintained. Call a professional to inspect your unit if:

  • The water is not heating properly
  • The unit is making strange banging or rumbling noises
  • The water appears cloudy or contains sand or rust.
  • The water tank is leaking
  • Your energy bill is increasing without a logical explanation.

Reasons Water Heaters Fail

With Florida’s hard water and hot and humid climate, water heaters are a risk of sediment build-up and corrosion. These two factors, as well as incorrect installation, are the main contributors to water heaters giving problems.

Sediment Build-Up

Florida is known for having hard water containing numerous minerals. Over time, these minerals settle on the bottom of the tank and build up on the heating elements. The build-up of the elements causes them to have to work harder, reduces their efficiency, and increases energy consumption. Ultimately the sediment build-up also corrodes the tank, causing it to leak.


The two main water heater components that are susceptible to corrosion are:

  • Water tank
  • Anode rods

Florida’s hot and humid climate is unfortunately not kind to any appliance with metal components. Humidity (salt water in the air) has the potential to corrode all the metal components of the water heater, especially the tank.

Anode rods protect the steel tanks from corrosion, but also require regular maintenance, as they too are susceptible to damage caused by corrosion. When anode rods are damaged, they cannot protect the tank. Unprotected by the anode rods, the tank will rust and eventually leak.

Faulty Installation

Water heaters must only be installed, repaired, and replaced by professionals. Apart from corrosion, one of the main reasons that water heaters fail is bad installation.

Water heaters all need:

  • Proper ventilation. Professionals understand the need for proper ventilation and will install the appliance in the correct place.
  • To be wired correctly. Incorrect wiring causes the appliance to malfunction, violates building codes, and is a fire and electrocution hazard.
  • To be sized correctly. The unit will not work effectively if the wrong size vs area is installed.
tankless water heaters

Who Should Install, Maintain And Replace Water Heaters?

Although it may be tempting to install a water heater yourself, only professionals should repair and install water heaters. There are several important reasons for this, including:


Water heaters are typically powered by electricity or gas, which can be dangerous if not handled properly. A professional has the knowledge and experience to handle the unit properly, minimizing the risk of accidental fires or electrocution.

Building Code Compliance

There are building codes that must be followed when installing water heaters. The Florida Building Code is in place to ensure that units are installed safely and meet the necessary standards of performance. Professionals are familiar with these codes and will ensure all building code standards are met.

Warranty And Insurance

Water heaters come with a warranty that may be voided unless they are installed by professionals. Some insurance companies may also decline insurance claims if the unit is not installed by a licensed professional.


Properly installed water heaters operate more efficiently and require fewer repairs, ultimately saving you money in energy and repair bills.

Call Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric For All Water Heater Repairs

Whether the fault is due to corrosion or sediment build-up, don’t let a faulty water heater ruin your day. Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric have been experts in this field for over 40 years and can repair or replace your water heater. For prompt, courteous, and first-class service call us Monday to Saturday 8 am to 7 pm at 1-800-475-1504


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