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FPL Power Test
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Happy Friday everyone, it’s great to be back and finding new and exciting ways to save you time and money. Today we are going to be spending a little time with everyone’s favorite utility provider, Florida Power and Light (FPL). The first question is, do you participate in the FPL On Call Program? If you do, you have a box somewhere in your home similar to the one depicted above.

The first things you will want to locate on that box are the two lights found in the upper right hand corner of most boxes. One red and one green light are your choices. For the most part the only light that you should see on is the green one, this indicates that the power is on to the box and all is operating normally. What is the FPL on call program you ask? Very simply in high demand electrical times, the box allows FPL to temporarily interrupt the power to your air conditioner or water heater depending on where the box is located. This enables FPL to better manage the power grid and hopefully prevent black or brown outs.

Ok, here is the money and time saving part of the program. Starting August 24, 2015, FPL is going to be testing the on call program to make sure all is working well. This testing is going to run through the 28th of August. Unfortunately, the exact times and days of the testing will be determined by the weather and other factors so the power may be interrupted to your air conditioner or water heater for up to 15 minutes every half hour during a 90-minute period at any given time in the date range. This may occur multiple times during the test period and of course could result in you thinking there is a problem with the air conditioner.

Now back to the red light on your On Call box. If it is on and the green light is not, it means that FPL has interrupted the power to your unit and you have no cause for concern, just wait 15 minutes and check the box again the green light should be back on and your unit should start operating normally again. Also many air conditioners have a time delay feature that prolongs the life of the air conditioner. In the event you have the time delay installed on your air conditioner, it will be an additional 5-7 minutes after the green light comes back on until your air conditioner engages.

Wait… didn’t you say something about saving money? Yes, yes I did. All of us here at Art Plumbing, AC and Electric have gone through these testing periods from FPL before and every time, we end up running several service calls that are not service calls at all. That said, if you find that your air conditioning system is not functioning during the above testing period before you reach for the phone to call 1-800-475-1504, take a look at your On Call box to see if the red light is on.

The money saving part of the program is of course that you don’t pay a service call charge when you really don’t need one. If the green light is on and you have waited the few extra minutes to see if the unit re-engages and you still have no AC by all means calls us right away or visit to schedule one of our talented service pros to get you cool again.

House Whisperer out!!

PS. Please forgive the bad pun in today’s title, just a little C & C Music Factory reference and it’s a great song.


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