How Flood Protection Systems Can Help Save Your House
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Flood Protection – Protect Your Home From Water Damage

flood protection
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Today I want to boggle your mind with the staggering number of 2.5 billion dollars per year, and no, I’m not talking about the money our government spent on studying shrimp on a treadmill. I am talking about the amount of money that insurance companies pay out on an annual basis due to water damage in homes and businesses across the country.

Let’s start with some water basics in your home. The typical plumbing system in a residential home has around sixty-five pounds of pressure on it per square inch. Allow me to put that in perspective. A ¾” water line will deliver between fifteen and thirty gallons of water per minute. In the event that line would fail, if you do the math on that it can add up to enough water to fill a typical pool in a matter of three or four hours. If I was taking a wild guess, you really don’t want me to take all the water in your pool and dump it in your living room. If you leave your house at 8:00 AM and your water heater ruptures at 8:15, I guarantee by the time you get home at 5:00 PM you will have thousands and thousands of dollars of water damage, and weeks of remodeling ahead of you.

Ok, so how can I prevent a flood in my house you ask? Due to modern day technology we can now offer you, our beloved consumers, a variety of different systems that can shut the water off to your home in a matter of seconds in the event that you suffer a water emergency in the home. This is achieved by placing wireless sensors around the house or office. These sensors are connected via WI-FI back to a valve that will shut the water off automatically in the event that one of the sensors gets wet. If you do suffer a water emergency, instead of the aforementioned thousands of gallons of water, the damage is limited to maybe a hundred gallons at worst.

Ready for even better news? Most insurance companies offer some form of financial incentive if you install a flood protection device in your home. It can be a one-time price break or it can be a percentage discount on your annual premium. In the event of a premium discount, often times the percentage discount over a period of years can offset the cost to install a flood protection device on your home, not to mention the peace of mind in knowing that you won’t suffer massive water damage to your home from the plumbing system.

As always we are a phone call or an email away if you want to explore your options on how we can protect your home from water damage.

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