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Blinded By The Light

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Indoor air PollutionIn the world of modern home construction, our homes and buildings are being built more and more airtight which is leading to an unusual problem of indoor air pollution. Your home’s HVAC system is one of the biggest contributors to this growing problem. How can my air conditioner be causing air quality issues in my home you ask? There are many things about your HVAC system than can contribute to the air quality in your home.

The duct system, the attic, the air pressure in your home, the quality of your windows, and the coil inside your air handler are just some of the many things that impact the air quality of your home. Today I want to focus on just the coil, which is located inside your air handler. First and foremost, every bit of the air you breathe passes through the coil in the air handler, and what is going on with that coil is the biggest factor in what is going on with the quality of the air in your home.

Do you go to bed with clear sinuses and wake up stuffy? Do you find your allergies are worse when you’re in your home? Watery eyes when you’re home? Sudden sneezing fits? Have you been feeling tired, run down, or just generally off, especially in your home? Any or all of these could be a sign of indoor air pollution.

The coil inside your air handler is the perfect place for biological growth. I’m avoiding the “M” word here, however the truth is the coils are the ultimate haven for mold. Mold needs three things to be very happy; darkness, moisture, and a food source. If you air handler is located in the garage or the attic, this problem is heightened due to the air handler being located in unconditioned space. The heat to the cabinet from the garage or attic raise the humidity levels inside the unit, thereby making the chances of growth on the coil much higher. So, again let’s pose the question, what to do?

I want you to think back to the last time you went to the dentist (sorry).  Do you remember the little cabinets that have the purple lights glowing in them? This is how your dentist sterilizes the instruments using ultra violet light. There are multiple types of UV light available to accomplish certain goals. We in the HVAC industry focus mostly on UVC light. This is the answer to no biological growth on your coils. We have single & dual bulb systems, with the options of one or two year bulbs.  The bulbs will still have a blue/ purple glow after the one or two years, however they will no longer be emitting the UV rays.

UVC light is by far the most effective way to prevent growth on coils, improve air quality and breathe a little easier in your home. Once again, call us at Art Plumbing & AC for a whole home air quality evaluation or visit to schedule an appointment online today. UV light is not the end all-be all to the best air quality in the home, those other factors in the beginning of this article need to be addressed as well, but UV light is a great place to start.

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