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Dania Beach Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Electrical & Drain Cleaning Services

Known for its award-winning ‘Blue Wave Beaches’, the City of Dania Beach is a sought-after place to live and work. Rubbing shoulders with Hollywood to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Dania Beach offers one of the quietest beaches in Broward County.

Starting from a humble community of only 35 residents back in 1904, Dania Beach has grown to a thriving community of over 31,000 people. Our team of HVAC technicians, electricians, and plumbers are on call, ready to service homes and businesses!

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Dania Beach Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Electrical & Drain Cleaning Services
Dania Beach AC Repair Services

Dania Beach AC Repair Services

With dining and nightlife directly on the water, Dania Beach is a cool place to live. Keeping you cool in the humid heat of the South Florida climate, however, takes a dedicated team of HVAC professionals. HVAC systems do more than control temperature, they improve the quality of indoor air and reduce the discomfort of extreme humidity. During the summer months, an AC system allows you to be productive despite the heat and makes it easier to sleep well at night.

When your AC gives you trouble, knowing who to trust for AC repair services in Dania Beach minimizes downtime. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in every area of AC installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement in residential and commercial buildings.

Keep our number handy for AC issues such as:

  • Little or no air coming from the AC vents
  • Warm or hot air blowing from your AC
  • Unusual noises, including banging, clicking, buzzing, whistling or whirring
  • Leaks from your AC unit
  • Higher utility bills
  • Foul smells, such as burning wiring, rotten eggs, exhaust fumes, or chemical odors

If AC issues are getting you hot under the collar, our technicians are ready to save the day!

Dania Beach Plumbing Services

Plumbing problems can wreck your plans in the worst way. All it takes is a flooded toilet, a faulty water heater, or a burst pipe in the kitchen to throw your schedule out the window. When plumbing disasters strike, and you need plumbing services in Dania Beach, call Art. We’ve got you covered!

With over 40 years of experience, our goal is to mop up, fix up, and prevent future plumbing issues quickly, and reliably to the highest quality plumbing standards.

Save us on speed dial for Dania Beach plumbing issues, such as:

  • Leaking pipes causing damp problems
  • Funky smells that could indicate a gas leak
  • Low or inconsistent water pressure
  • Toilet plumbing blockages, leaks, or breakages
  • Gurgling garbage disposal units
  • Faulty fittings in the bathroom or kitchen
  • Plumbing inspections before buying or selling a home or office space
  • New plumbing systems for extensions or home builds

Plumbing headaches don’t need to be a problem when our team is on the job.

Dania Beach Plumbing Repair Services
Dania Beach Electrical Repair Services

Dania Beach Electrical Services

Electricity is one of the modern conveniences that make life easier. But when electrical installations malfunction, it is both disruptive and dangerous. Electrical faults are known to cause fires and injuries. At the first sign of an electrical issue, don’t delay, call us.

Our licensed technicians have the training, experience, and tools to manage all electrical work. From simple light switch replacement to electrical system upgrades, you’re safe with us. We’ve been providing trustworthy electrical services to Dania Beach residents for many years and are happy to answer your questions or concerns.

Call us if you experience any of these electrical warning signs:

  • Unusual odors coming from electrical outlets
  • Sparking from an outlet, breaker panel, or fuse box
  • Circuit breakers that keep tripping
  • Buzzing sounds from electrical outlets or components
  • Regular outlets in bathrooms or the kitchen instead of ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs)
  • Outlets that shock
  • Smoke coming from electrical components
  • Flickering or dimming lights, or light bulbs that keep blowing
  • Light switches or electrical outlets and components that are faulty

Our experienced electricians can ensure that your family is safe from electrical mishaps.

Dania Beach Drain Cleaning Services

Drains perform an invisible, yet crucial function to keep our homes and commercial spaces functioning as they should. Clogged-up plumbing pipes prevent the water or sewage from leaving. This causes backups or flooding, both with horrible consequences for your home or office!

Blockages can occur from unsuitable items being washed down the drain, such as fat, grease, flushable wipes, kitty litter, or feminine hygiene products. Backed-up drains may also be caused by invasive tree roots that infiltrate, damage, and block the pipes. The other culprit that results in blockages over time is scale build-up in the pipes.

Call us if you see drain issue signs such as:

  • Toilets that clog regularly
  • Slow-running drains in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Lingering odors that you can’t find the cause of
  • Gurgling, bubbling, or noisy drains
  • Pools of standing water around the property
  • Bugs in the pipes
  • High water bills

Our licensed drain technicians have the tools and know-how to find the problem and fix it quickly. They’re a call away to get water and waste flowing again as they should. For any drain cleaning services in Dania Beach, contact Art!

Dania Beach Drain Cleaning Services

Dania Beach Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Electrical, and Drain Cleaning Services

We’ve been servicing the community of Dania Beach with their AC, plumbing, electrical, and drain cleaning needs for over 40 years. Whatever problem you’re facing, we have the experience, tools, and trained technicians to solve it for you. ​Give us a call today at 1-800-475-1504 to schedule service.

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