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The Future Of Plumbing: What’s Next?

Future Of Plumbing
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Did you know that plumbing has been around since ancient times? It’s true! Humans have been using tube-like vessels to carry water into their homes for hundreds of years, using materials like clay and metal, and eventually plastic. Plumbing has come a long way over the century, but the very concept of it remains virtually unchanged.

As technology continues to advance, new innovations for plumbing will arrive on the market. It’s hard to predict what the future of plumbing will look like but based on certain trends and needs within the current industry, we can make a few theories.

Today is World Plumbing Day and so what better way to honor these complex and ancient pipe systems than to discuss what the future holds. Here are some ideas about what the “next big thing” will look like.

High-Tech Sensors

“Smart” sensors are already being used in appliances today, so why not in plumbing? 

Remote-controlled shut-off valves and flow monitors already exist, so these may become more commonplace as time goes on. Imagine being notified by an app or other convenient system when your water is moving too fast, with too much pressure, or is entering spaces it shouldn’t. You can save valuable time and prevent a catastrophe by calling for emergency plumbing services. Merging computer technology with control systems for home appliances, including plumbing, may become a new staple for home builds in the near future.

New Materials

Plastic is one of the leading materials that scientists and inventors use today. With an increase in research, builders and homeowners will have an array of choices based on insulation needs. We can expect that new materials will offer improved ways to change the temperature of the water and fit better with existing pipes.

New System Designs

One concern that has emerged within our industry is environmental impact. As more industries across the nation make changes to their carbon footprint to decrease waste, there is every reason to believe that the plumbing industry will do the same. Designers and builders are constantly looking at greener ways to heat and cool water using less energy. At the same time, new advances in thermal conductivity and decentralization are also being made, which will impact how future plumbing systems are made.

The Future of Plumbing

We’re not psychics, so we can’t say with certainty what the future holds for plumbing. But given the pressing issues of today, we can make educated guesses about a few things.

First, we know that clean water is essential to life and hygiene; plumbing innovations should aim to make that accessible to as many people as possible.

Second, we know that waste is incredibly harmful to both people and the planet.

Third, we know that indoor plumbing continues to be vital to homes and businesses, which means older piping systems will need to be replaced with something even more durable and long-lasting. We can safely predict that future plumbing innovations will focus on these three things.

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