Tips To Help You Avoid Garbage Disposal Repairs
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How To Prevent Garbage Disposal Repairs Before They Happen

garbage disposal repair
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When it comes to household-related matters, it’s always better to prevent problems from happening than to deal with them after. This is especially true for garbage disposal repair. To ensure that your garbage disposal unit lasts its entire lifespan, we suggest following practical tips.

How Does A Garbage Disposal Work?

garbage disposal is a device typically installed under a kitchen sink that grinds food waste into small pieces. The bits of ground-up food move through drain pipes and into the sewer.

Having a disposal unit under the kitchen sink helps to keep your drains and plumbing systems clean and clog-free.

It’s easy to see how important maintenance is for a well-functioning garbage disposal.

How To Prevent Garbage Disposal Repairs Before They Happen

Looking after your garbage disposal saves time and money in the long run, try to keep some of the below maintenance tips in mind to prevent unwanted repairs.

Avoid Putting Tough Food Items Down The Garbage Disposal

Avoid putting hard, starchy, or fibrous food items down the garbage disposal. These include vegetable peels, potato skins, coffee grounds, and bones. These items can damage the disposal blades causing them to malfunction or clog the drain.

Cut Large Food Items Into Smaller Pieces

By cutting larger food items into smaller pieces before putting them in the disposal, you’ll prevent overloading the blades.

Rinse With Water Before And After Use

Remember, the waste disposal unit is still part of your drain and plumbing system. Be sure to run water before and after using it to flush out any remaining debris.

Avoid Putting Grease And Oils Through Disposal

When grease, grime, and oils cool, further down your drain pipe, even after going through the garbage disposal, they can solidify or become less liquid in form. This can cause blockages in the flow of the drain or collect over time to cause longer-term clogs and damage.

Clean And Use It Regularly

Using your garbage disposal in the correct ways regularly will help to prevent corrosion build-up and rust. Cleaning it often using ice cubes and salt will also keep the blades sharp and remove any bad odors.

If In Doubt Call Art!

Using a professional plumbing company for regular maintenance will keep your garbage disposal in perfect condition and running for as long as possible. ​​​​​​Avoid garbage disposal installation errors, which can cause damage, and never try to repair them yourself.

If you notice anything strange about your garbage disposal, the sound it makes, the mechanisms slowing down or any other concern, the best thing you can do is call one of the team members at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric at 1-800-475-1504.


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