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How To Prevent Clogged Toilets

Clogged Toilets
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Clogged toilets are all too familiar to many of us. Cleaning a clogged toilet is one task that no one looks forward to. The only solution then is to prevent your toilets from clogging. Follow these tried and tested clog-preventing tips, and you’ll hardly ever have to unclog a toilet.

Go Easy On The Toilet Paper

The US consumes the most toilet paper in the world. Using around 34 million rolls a day! Cutting down on toilet paper will allow your toilet to flush easier. Toilet paper is designed to break down and be flushed. Some modern toilets, however, can’t handle large amounts of toilet paper.

A rule of thumb is to only use as much toilet paper as you need. The temptation is to roll away and take more than enough paper. But all this toilet paper absorbs water and begins to clog your toilet. Another tip is to flush multiple times as you go about your business. Next time you use your toilet, make a mindful attempt to only use as much toilet paper as you need. Your toilet and the environment will thank you. We can all cut back on our toilet paper consumption.

Lose The Brick

In days gone by, it was common practice to place a brick in your toilet tank to decrease the volume of water used. But tanks have become smaller over the years. Most new toilet tanks have already been designed to save water. Placing a brick in an already small tank may lead to problems. If your toilet doesn’t have enough water to flush, this could result in a clog. Toilets need a certain amount of water to evacuate their contents. Bricks can also cause your tank to crack, so rather get rid of them completely. If you have a large tank, fill a plastic bottle with water and place that in your tank.

Check For Roots

Do you have any trees in your yard? Tree roots can contribute to a clogged toilet. Over time, tree roots can grow into your pipes by breaking them open. Roots can easily cause a toilet clog. If you suspect a tree root blockage, it’s best to chat with your trusted plumber. They will be able to inspect to see if tree roots are the problem. A CCTV pipe inspection is a non-invasive way to find any infringing roots. Any roots will then be removed, and you may need to use some tree root killer now and again.

Clean Your Toilet Regularly

Another tip is to keep your toilet clean. This is not only a good hygienic practice, but it also gives you a visual of any leaks or cracks in your toilet. It’s best to use mild cleaners such as vinegar, baking soda, or a mild toilet cleaner. Strong chemical cleaners can cause health hazards.

Close The Lid

Here’s one that may not be so obvious. Some toilet clogs can come from items falling into your toilet. If you have young children, you may not always know what gets thrown into the toilet at home. A toy can be accidentally dropped into the toilet without you knowing. The best way to avoid any unwelcome objects going into your toilet is to keep the toilet lid closed.

Clogged Toilet Experts In South Florida

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