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Find and Fix Your Commercial Plumbing Leak

commercial plumbing
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In some cases, such as a leaking toilet or a dripping faucet in your home, the task of fixing the problem is one that can be managed DIY-style, if you know what you are doing. Commercial plumbing, however, is a different story altogether! Commercial plumbers deal with complex issues around waste removal and water supply systems in businesses or communities – if you encounter a plumbing issue in your business/office, then the technicians at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric are more than equipped to help you find the source of your problem, and also repair them with skill and speed.

Find out more about commercial plumbing and 5 common issues in this article:

What Is Commercial Plumbing?

The work of commercial plumbers is focused around installation and maintenance of water and sewage facilities. The contractor is responsible for ensuring that the commercial establishment has a fully functional water supply system, as well as waste drainage pipes. Trenches may need to be excavated during the installation of pipelines by the plumber and should always be done with care to prevent the water supply system from becoming contaminated.

Take a shopping center for example – throughout the building there will be several sets of toilets, sewer systems, drinking fountains and water systems because of all the restaurants and shops. This means that installing, repairing and maintaining these structures is something that should only be handled by a commercial plumber.

5 Common Commercial Plumbing Issues

It is important to note the specific kinds of plumbing problems that are likely to occur in your commercial building. We have complied a list of the top 5 common plumbing issues.

  • Leaking Pipes

    Corrosive substances can often build up leading to metal corrosion and eventually holes that cause leakage. A leaking pipe is one issue that you should not have to stress about when there are other business concerns that you need your attention. Call in a professional commercial plumber to perform a thorough inspection and take the stress off of your hands.

  • Drain Clogs

    Clogged drains are a common issue in commercial buildings. This is because of the high number of people who pass through, and who tend to drop objects or paper towels in the drain, causing a build-up of debris. A blocked drain will smell and look bad – definitely not something you want in your building!

  • Running Toilets

    These are toilets that are constantly draining water or flushing continually. This may indicate a serious toilet problem. Rumor has it that fiddling with the tank components might help the problem, but in most cases the toilets will need professional attention.

  • Leaking Faucets

    Even though this is such a common problem, it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be fixed! A leaky faucet can waste a large amount of water every year, causing your utilities bill to surge! Rather have the problem seen to immediately.

  • Low Water Pressure and Temperature Problems

    Commercial water heaters need monthly inspection, otherwise you might run into issues with your hot water supply. Low water pressure could indicate pipe leaks or even burst pipes. In both cases, a professional plumber will be able to help.

Don’t wait for the problem to become a serious problem! DIY is not advisable when dealing with commercial plumbing issues – Call Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric at 1-800-475-1504 for a thorough inspection of your commercial building.


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