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Don’t Fall Prey To As Seen On TV Leak Repair Gimmicks

Leak Repair Gimmicks
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It’s 11pm and you get out of bed to use the bathroom. As you walk you realize your foot is wet – you turn on the lights and find one of your bathroom pipes is leaking. This sounds like something out of a nightmare but can quickly become the reality of anyone in need of a plumbing leak repair.

In emergencies, you might want a quick fix but remember that moldable glue that you bought is only a quick fix and not a long term one. Ignoring a leaky or damaged pipe is only going to cause more damage to your home.

Damaged or leaky pipes that are repaired with a quick fix can damage both your homes foundation and other fixtures such as floors and walls. In the attempt to be frugal with “As Seen on TV: DIY Leak Repair”, you are potentially damaging more than the leak that you started out with. So instead of trying to save money on a quick fix, have a professional plumber fix the repair.

We have broken down some DIY leak repair products that are on the market and why they should be avoided:

Aerosol Rubber Sealants

A popular choice of material that is often used in DIY leak repairs is aerosol rubber sealants. There are many different brands and types on the market, by they all work in the same way. The rubber sealant is stored in a can in liquid form, which can be sprayed onto a surface to coat leaks or cracks.

While it is convenient, rubber is not very effective against grimes, oils and gases as these products break down rubber. Unfortunately, especially in the kitchen, the pipes can build up a considerable amount of grime or grease which can interfere with the efficacy of aerosol rubber sealants.


If you’re in a pinch, tape can really help out for the few hours it takes to get a plumber to come and fix the leak. In fact, many people put tape on almost anything to hold the pieces together, even when it is not the best option available.

Most people forget that tape is water resistant, not waterproof. What this means is that, yes, if you apply tape properly over the leak, it will work for a short period of time – however, after a time of being exposed to water, the adhesive will thin out, and eventually the tape will peel away and expose the leak again.

Moldable Glues

These glues, which come in a play-dough type of form, are the new “revolutionary” invention to hit the DIY market that has people not only trying to fix leaks but almost everything in their house. Like a type of moldable plastic, you have the ability to work with this product for about 30 minutes before it cures and hardens into position. However, this material is not advisable for things that take a lot wear and strain.

If you suspect you have a leaking pipe or faulty plumbing system and have used a DIY leak repair to try and solve it, make sure to contact a professional plumbing company to assess the situation and fix the problem.


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