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Commercial Plumbing: Issues Professional Plumbers Face

Commercial Plumbing
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If you think commercial plumbing is similar to residential plumbing, except on a larger scale, you’d be right and wrong. While the two have similarities, the impact it can have on the occupants of the building differs.

Remember that commercial properties aren’t only limited to offices or shopping malls. Large-scale residential housing like hotels and apartments also counts as a commercial property. If plumbing issues occur in one apartment unit, there is a good chance that other apartment units will be affected as well.

Commercial plumbing issues have plagued all commercial property owners at some point or another, but some issues are more common than others.

1. Drain and Toilet Clogs

While you’d hope that clogs would be less of an issue in residential properties, they still happen. While quick drain clogging solutions may work for residential plumbing, the chances of the same trick working for commercial plumbing is low.

People tend to take better care of their own homes vs public spaces, which is why commercial properties often have issues with clogged drains as people are more likely to flush items that shouldn’t be flushed. For offices and shopping malls, no-one has complete control over how these public spaces are used and it’s impossible to monitor and hold one person accountable. In an apartment setting, the source of the clog can sometimes be pinpointed.

Remember that while slow drainage may not be an issue right now, clogged drains will take a toll on your commercial plumbing pipes. It’s better to call a professional plumbing team to take a look as they may need to make use of a rooter to clear the clog.

2. Broken Fixtures

Commercial properties will often make use of old school toilet fixtures that include toilet handles. These break easily with the constant use that commercial properties like shopping malls and office buildings see. You never want to deal with a toilet that doesn’t flush.

Speak to a plumbing expert at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric today for a more suitable solution for your commercial property.

3. Running Toilets

Your toilets should never be continuously filling the water tank. There shouldn’t be times when your toilet flushes at random intervals. Despite what some DIY guides say, it’s better to get the help of licensed professional plumbers to promptly resolve the issue instead of relying on unreliable DIY methods.

4. Leaking Faucets

One leaky faucet may not seem like a big issue but, over time each drop of water wasted adds up.

You end up spending hundreds of dollars in excess on your utility bill each year, that could have been saved if your faucets weren’t leaking. Now imagine it’s not just one faucet, but a few in different sinks throughout the building. Depending on the size of your building, those hundreds of dollars in excess for higher utility bills can become thousands. Calling in the expert team at Art Plumbing, AC & Electric is just one way to save your property from further damage caused by leaky fixtures and pipes.

5. Odors

If the kitchen areas or bathrooms in your commercial property start giving off foul odors, even after a proper clean, there may be an issue with your sewage pipes. This can happen when there’s a blockage caused by debris in the drain. The odor will continue until you have the blockage removed and it’s best to hire professionals for rooter services.

6. Leaky or Broken Septic Tanks

While septic tanks are not a common occurrence in South Florida, they can be found occasionally and if your commercial property does have one, it needs to adequately be maintained.

No commercial property can last without septic tanks in good working order. If there are any signs of leakage you should contact a professional plumbing team to handle repairs or replacements. The consequences of a failing septic tank can be devasting for your commercial property.

7. Broken Pipes

Just because you can see some leaks, doesn’t mean that you can see them all. Plumbing pipe leaks can happen as well, and this will affect the integrity of your pipes as well as cause mold and potential structural issues for your commercial property.

Take note of your utility bills every month and if you notice a spike that doesn’t subside after a month or two, there may be a leaky pipe hidden from view that’s the root of your problem. A licensed and professional plumbing company will be able to locate the leaking pipe and repair or replace it as needed.

8. Temperature

Water heaters in commercial properties must be inspected regularly to ensure that they’re in proper working order. If there are any issues with your hot water supply, you will need to have professional plumbers take a look at it. This is not a job that you can DIY. A good idea is to have regular maintenance done on your water heater with a company that handles commercial plumbing.

9. Water Pressure

Remember that leaks and even burst pipes can affect your water pressure. This isn’t something that you can diagnose or fix on your own. If you see that your water pressure is lower than normal contact expert plumbers to help you resolve the issue.

10. Faulty Shut-off Valves

A shut-off valve isn’t something that you’d use every day in your commercial property, but it is important to always ensure that they’re working. It’s a crucial part of plumbing safety that can’t be ignored. Regular plumbing inspections will make sure that your shut-off valves are fully operational especially when you need them to be.

Commercial Plumbing At It’s Finest

Not all types of plumbing jobs are created equal, and commercial plumbing can be bigger jobs to complete. The expert team at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric have got you covered. We’ve been trusted in Florida for excellent service since 1983! Trust us – Art can fix it!


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