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Are Leaking Appliance Hoses Causing A Plumbing Emergency?

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We take for granted the sense of ease that appliances bring to our busy schedules. We do not notice them when they are working but tend to become distressed when something goes wrong. Luckily for us, when leaking home appliance hoses stop working they tend to leave behind a puddle of clues. Switch off the appliances, inspect the hoses and connections and call Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric to restore order to your home. We will know where to find the leaks and prevent plumbing emergency disaster.

Leaking Home Appliance Hoses

All home appliance that require water supply have some form of hose attached to them. These hoses are often overlooked as they are not in our direct vision but are some of the main components contributing to the functioning of the appliance. Although they all serve completely different functions, they all generally follow a similar process when a leak is detected. The first thing to be done is to switch off the appliance at the wall and unplug it. If it does not have a plug, try switching off the electricity supplying the appliance. Attempt to find the source of the leak and either tighten the connections or replace the hoses.

  • Washing Machine

    The washing machine has two separate hoses, the supply hose and the internal hose. Move the washing machine away from the wall and start a full cycle to see if there are any drips or leaks on the supply hose. If leaks are spotted, turn off the water supply and replace the leaking hoses with new ones. If there are no leaks coming from the supply hose, you will need to call an appliance specialist to open the back of the machine and check the internal hoses for any leaks. Look out for clues such as rust as it can reduce the search time.

  • Refrigerator

    One of the hardest working appliances in the home is the refrigerator. If it has a water dispenser or an ice maker, it will have a water line connecting the household water supply to the refrigerator. This water line is generally found at the back of the appliance and the refrigerator will need to be gently pulled away from the wall before any repairs can be done. Turn off the water supply and detach the supply line from the water intake valve. If the supply line is the problem, you need to replace it with one that matches the length and dimensions exactly.

  • Dishwasher

    A dishwasher has two different hoses, a fill hose and a drain hose. Feel the outside of the hoses for any sign of wetness from leaks in the hose itself. If there is damage to any of the hoses, they will have to be replaced. If the leaks are not coming from the hoses themselves, they are probably being cause by loose hose connections. These are quick fixes done by making sure that the connections have been tightened properly.

Prevention is Better than Repair

Prevention is generally achieved through regular maintenance checks on the appliances that are crucial to the smooth running of your home. Replacing hoses every few years and checking that hose connections are still tight, make up the key points of preventing leaking hoses. Prevention is always cheaper than repairs, as water damage can be a costly problem to fix.

It is easy to perform regular checks on your home appliances for leaking hoses or connections. If life has gotten away from you however and you need more than a quick fix, call Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric to help with all your plumbing emergencies. With 35 years in the business, quality and excellence in both work and actions are guaranteed.


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