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Wi-Fi Enabled Home Generators – Yes, They’re As Cool As They Sound

Wi-Fi Enabled Home Generators
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A generator comes in handy amidst any natural disaster or power surge. Outages can lead to damaged appliances and uncomfortable indoor conditions. Without a reliable backup, these events can be an immediate threat to your safety, and a burden on your finances. Getting the most out of your home generator in the coming years requires proper inspection and maintenance. Our Wi-Fi technology is a reliable, easy, and high-tech solution for monitoring your device on the go. Remember, Art has your Home Standby Generators – made for your comfort, protection & convenience.

Perks of Wi-Fi Enabled Home Generators

There are many “perks” to wi-fi enabled home generators, convenience is key.

  • Checking Your Operating Status Anytime

    Accidents happen, often unbeknownst to homeowners. An alarm or technical mishap can unintentionally turn on or shut down your home generator. In the event of an emergency, you may find out that your generator is unable to run for a reason that could have been fixable had you known ahead of time. Staying up to date on your generators operating status ensures that your generator can run when it needs to.

  • Monitoring Your Fuel Level

    We’ve all been there. Just before rush hour or a big family event, we realize that our car needs gas. Just like your car, your generator’s fuel level should be monitored regularly. Homeowners experience natural disasters frequently across the region. An active hurricane season may force you to rely on your generator heavily. Ease your stress by readily monitoring your generator’s fuel level within seconds, anytime, and anywhere.

  • Up-to-Date Local Weather and Outdoor Conditions

    Your home standby generator is likely subjected to the elements. Wi-Fi alerts for local conditions can give you a sense of impending weather or if your generator is in need of an inspection. Flooding, excessive heat, fires, and lightning (although unlikely) can damage or disrupt your generator’s performance. Alerts pertaining to local weather can also give you time to prepare your generator in the event of a natural disaster.

  • Safely and Appropriately Exercising Your Generator

    You must exercise your generator on a regular basis depending on its specifications. Most generators fail to start in an emergency because they aren’t exercised regularly. Batteries and other components of your generator can deteriorate over time. Our Home Generators’ Wi-Fi technology enables you to monitor and safely control your generator’s exercise cycle remotely.

  • Email, Text, and Push Notifications

    Life can get hectic. It’s a fact that your generator isn’t always the first thing on your mind. Staying up to date is vital in ensuring that you are prepared for any emergency. This is why we do it for you. Push notifications alert homeowners of any eyebrow-raising changes in weather, operating status, fuel, and maintenance history. We alert you when something needs your attention.

    Push Notification Alert You On:

    • Generator Status
    • Monthly Reports
    • Fuel Level
    • Maintenance History and Maintenance Schedules
    • Exercise Time
    • Status History
    • Local Weather

Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric is a proud authorized dealer of Generac® with SELECT DEALER status. Explore Generac and Mobile Link Wi-Fi technology.

All Your Generator’s Specs, In One Convenient Application

Mobile Link Wi-Fi technology lets you instantly receive and send real-time information about your standby generator. You can now inspect your home device right at your figure tips. Conveniently access vital information including device history, maintenance requirements, and operating status.

Linking Your Generator to Mobile Link™

Creating a Mobile Link account is a short easy step to accessing your generator’s Wi-Fi monitoring technology.


2018 and later Guardian Series Generac® standby generators and most models made during or after 2008 comes preinstalled with Mobile Link technology. If you recently purchased one of our home standby generators you are probably capable of accessing its Wi-Fi capabilities via your Mobile Link account.

Call Art and speak with one of our Home Comfort Specialists to see if your Generac® home generator is Wi-Fi compatible or start exploring your home generator options today!


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