Vehicle Charging Station: How Different Is It From A Power Outlet
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Vehicle Charging Station vs. Power Outlet – What’s The Difference?

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The benefits of electric vehicles are almost limitless. They are more affordable to run than conventional vehicles that use gas or diesel. Maintenance on an electric vehicle is also more cost effective as less servicing is required with no need for expensive vehicle parts such as a radiator or a starter motor. All you’ll need to maintain are the tires, suspension and brakes. The only drawback of an electric vehicle would be the charging aspect. Many people believe that a household power outlet is strong enough to charge an electric vehicle, but others believe the installation of a vehicle charging station is a necessity – Here’s the truth.

The National Electrical Code Isn’t Just For Show

In order to safely charge your vehicle, you need to understand that not all power outlets are designed to continuously provide power for such prolonged periods of time. A charging station is built specifically to charge an electrical vehicle despite the fact it needs continuous power to charge. Installation of such a device that uses electrical wiring needs to be done to code by a licensed technician. Your technician will be able to make sure that your outlet can safely handle the amount of power that is needed to charge your vehicle. At Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric we can safely install your vehicle charging station and make sure your panel can safely handle the extra current. Our fully qualified and licensed technicians know exactly what type of outlet is needed in order to keep your vehicle charging safely.

Don’t Waste Time

Electric vehicles can be charged by regular household outlets provided that it has a current of 110V or it can be charged by a utility outlet with a current of 220V. The main difference you’ll see between a normal power outlet and a vehicle charging station is the difference in time that it takes to charge. It will take approximately 10 – 20 hours for your vehicle to be fully charged. This is perfect if you’re leaving it to charge overnight, but if you need your car in an emergency or for longer trips you may find yourself calling a cab. A vehicle charging station is designed to minimize the amount of time your vehicle needs to charge, so instead of waiting 10 – 20 hours, all you need to do is wait approximately 2 hours for either a full charge or a partial charge depending on your destination.

If You’ve Got It, Use It

You are able to use your household power outlet to charge your vehicle, but it may take a little time. It is admittedly convenient to be able to charge your vehicle using any available power outlet, but if you’ve bought an electric vehicle that comes with a home charging station, use it. It will be an easy job for a reliable and licensed electrician from Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric to safely install it in your garage.


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