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The Importance Of Electrical Inspections In An Older Home

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An electrical inspection should be included in your home maintenance plan every few years especially if you own an older home. During an electrical inspection, the electrical system will be evaluated to ensure all wiring, plugs, and any electrical components meet safety standards. Electrical inspections look for any neglected or outdated systems that can be dangerous and should be updated.

No matter whether your home is old or new, an electrical inspection is always a responsible choice to ensure that your family and belongings are safe.

What Is The National Electrical Code?

The National Electrical Code is a standard for the safe installation of all electrical wiring and equipment in residential and commercial buildings in the United States. While not law, it’s used by many state or local lawmakers for safe electrical installations. ​​​​​​

What Does Electrical Compliance Mean?

Electrical compliance means your home or business is safe and up to code standards. It also protects your investment and ultimately adds value to your residence or commercial property. Our team can provide electrical inspections that evaluate how compliant your property is. We also can provide professional recommendations when needed for upgrades or repairs.

Why Electrical Inspections Are Important In Older Homes

The Electrical Safety Foundation International recommends that all homes that are over 40 years old undergo an electrical inspection. One of the common things that an electrician is looking for in your electrical system is if it uses aluminum instead of the now-preferred metal copper. The use of aluminum was common in the late ‘60s and mid-70s homes. If you’re unsure whether your home has them, look at the markings on the outer jacket of your electrical cables. If you see AI or aluminum, you have an old electrical system.

What Happens During An Electrical Safety Inspection

During an electrical inspection, an electrician will verify the correct light bulb wattage and test all light switches and outlets. They also look for any potential fire hazards and thoroughly inspect security lighting and grounding systems.

It is important that all surge protectors are checked and are not overloaded and smoke detectors are examined to ensure they’re operating properly. Lastly, a thorough inspection of the home or business’s electrical panel is completed and if applicable any outdoor electrical system will be examined.

Benefits Of Getting An Electric Inspection

Some benefits of an electrical inspection include:

  • Helps to identify electrical errors.
  • Looks for neglected systems.
  • Helps to identify and correct safety hazards.
  • Finds outdated and oftentimes dangerous electrical systems.
  • Ensures that your residential or commercial property is compliant with all local laws and safety standards.
  • Gives you peace of mind that you have a safe space

Schedule An Electrical Inspection Today

Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric can ensure that you are code compliant and that your home is safe according to all local and national codes. Our licensed electricians have years of experience ensuring that your home or business is safe and running efficiently.

Our professional team of licensed technicians is trained and educated in all things’ safety compliance. To learn more about our residential and commercial electrical inspections or to schedule an appointment, call our office at 1-800-475-1504.


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