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Ring Electrical Installations

Ring Electrical Installations

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Feeling secure in your home does not have to include complicated and costly surveillance equipment. Along with all our plumbing, air conditioning and electrical service offerings, Art Plumbing, AC and Electric now offers electrical installation of Ring security products which cover video doorbells and security cameras ensuring full surveillance around your property. Devices are connected to the Ring application which links to your equipment, enabling live monitoring of your property from the comfort of your mobile phone, tablet or pc.

Surveillance At Your Doorstep

Always wanted to see who is at your door? A video doorbell provides you with this capability. The doorbell is installed at your chosen entry point and has both a rechargeable battery or hardwire power option. The quick release rechargeable battery pack allows you to seamlessly remove and recharge the batteries without adjustment of the device. Hardwire power connects the device to your homes power supply. Also included in this device:

  • Basic Motion Detection

    A motion sensor triggers the video feed once any motion is detected. This happens before the door bell is even touched.

  • Two Way Talk Functionality

    You are able to hear and respond to visitors before opening the door and allowing access.

  • Night Vision

    Another nifty functionality, night vision illuminates the video feed in darker light conditions.

  • Wi-Fi Connection

    Your video doorbell can be connected to Wi-Fi which enables live video streaming to your chosen electronic device via the Ring application.

  • Video Recording Storage

    Videos can be stored for up to 60 days or more with a purchase of a subscription plan.

Outdoor Security Cameras

Security cameras can be installed anywhere in your outside area, allowing you to keep track of any movements. There are different types of outdoor security cameras:

  • Floodlight Cam

    Floodlight cam is the only motion activated high definition camera which has built in floodlights, a siren and two-way talk capability. Facial and object detection coupled with a 270-degree view, allows detection around corners and possible blind spots. This ensures you are able to monitor and communicate with anyone on your property from wherever you are.

  • Stick Up Cam

    The device is weather resistant and can focus on specific outdoor areas. It has an 80-degree view and includes similar functionality such as night vision, two-way audio and motion tracking.

  • Spotlight Cam

    This camera has three different power options:

    • Hardwired: Camera is connected to your homes power supply ensuring you don’t have to recharge a battery.
    • Battery: A quick release rechargeable battery that can be removed and recharged without adjusting the camera.
    • Solar Powered: Only a few hours of sunlight is needed to keep the camera powered up. This option also includes a rechargeable battery pack as back up.


    Also, motion activated, the camera has a wide-angle lens and built in microphone and speakers. Night vision and a 110-decibel siren ensures that you’re able to monitor and alert any intruders which may cross your property without authorization.

Ring Application

To ensure that you’re connected to your home security 24/7, you are able to install the Ring application on your mobile phone, tablet or PC. Simply go to your application store and download it. It’s easy to set up and connect to your security devices

All of the above products include motion alerts, which lets you know once motion has been detected at any of your security cameras. Art Plumbing, AC and Electric stocks Ring products on all our trucks, ensuring it’s easy and convenient to order and install on site. Installation includes connection of the security device to the chosen power supply; linking the device via Wi-Fi to your Ring application and post installation testing. Secure your home and have peace of mind anywhere by contacting us to install your complete security solution.

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