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Why You Need Attic Fan Installation

attic fan installation
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An attic fan controls the temperature of a building’s attic. If you have an attic fan installed, you can expect a variety of great benefits that can be felt throughout your home. It might seem like an insignificant and unhelpful addition to your home but in this article, we will explain how an attic fan installation is a beneficial addition to your home.

What is an Attic Fan?

These fans are generally installed in the slope of a roof or in a gable wall and can use solar power. An attic fan is thermostatically controlled. This means that it only operates when required. These fans will not dent your wallet but will rather end up saving you money in the long-run. Attic heat makes up approximately 20 percent of the average cooling costs in your utility bill. In warmer states such as Florida, attics can become incredibly hot. Thermostats and humidistats can also be included in attic fan installation, making it an even more useful investment.

While you’re tending to things up there, make sure that your attic insulation is up to scratch.

Some of the Top Benefits of Attic Fan Installation

An attic fan introduces advantages to your home that you might not have considered. It offers a comprehensive improvement in the structure and cooling of your home. Here are our top three benefits:

  • It Looks After Your Home

    An important function of an attic fan is that it lessens the amount of heat that travels from the attic and up through the roof. With a home that does not have an attic fan installed, the excessive heat which targets asphalt shingles can damage the roof and decrease its lifespan. The tell-tale signs of too much heat in the attic include bulging shingles and felt on your roof. An attic fan circulates the air and removes hot air. Without this process, serious problems with moisture buildup and mold can wreak havoc on the attic’s and roof’s structures. By installing an attic fan, your home becomes more efficient and safe.

  • Attic Fan Installation Decreases Your Utility Bills

    Having a fan in your attic means that your AC doesn’t need to work as hard to keep your home cool. Thanks to this, you will be spending less on electricity each month. Added to this is the fact that the fan will only turn on when the attic gets hot. An attic fan will not be running 24/7 and you don’t have to worry about turning it on and off all the time. Solar powered attic fans are even better as they do not use any electricity.

  • It Improves the Temperature of Your Home

    Assuming you don’t live in your attic, the temperature up there might not seem very important. Out of sight, out of mind, right? But looking at the bigger picture, a hot attic makes it harder to keep the rest of your home cool. As we know, your electrical bill can decrease with an attic fan. Your home can easily stay at a more comfortable temperature with this handy device. The airflow (and subsequent cooling) provided by an attic fan can be felt all around your home.

Proper attic ventilation cannot go ignored. If you have an attic fan installed, you will experience a range of benefits. You’ll increase the lifespan of your roof and attic, save electricity, and improve the temperature of your home. If you decide to install a fan, make sure to get an experienced professional who will give you advice, answer any questions you may have and successfully and efficiently install an attic fan. Call Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric at 1-800-475-1504 for excellent service you can trust.


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