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How Duct Cleaning Helps Indoor Air Quality

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Indoor air pollution prevention has become a hot topic in the past few years and duct cleaning should be added to that list. Your AC unit is a forced air system – consistent usage of this system leads to a build-up of contents in the ducts which in turn are blown into the air when used. Homeowners are mostly unaware of the pollution coming from their ducts and tend to clean other sources of dust. The darkness of the air ducts makes a perfect breeding ground for fungus and other micro-organisms to develop. Once your air ducts are turned on, these germs are blown into the air and are inhaled. The time between each duct cleaning will depend on a few factors such as pets, smoking, weather conditions in your area and overall cleanliness of your house.

Why You Should Prioritize Duct Cleaning

  • Excessively clogged ducts will cause your air supply to release dirty air into your house.
  • Poor quality air can lead to various allergies like asthma and can also impact the comfort of your household.
  • A build-up of dirt inside your ducts can cause foul smelling air which is key indication that your air quality is not as good as it should be.
  • Duct cleaning will prevent a build-up of potentially harmful substances that could lead to damaging your systems. This will include mildew, bacteria, mold and pests. Trapped moisture in your air ducts is the perfect breeding ground for mold.
  • Increased energy efficiency. Yearly check-ups will ensure your systems are running optimally, and if you’re experiencing costly energy problems renovating your ducts could be the solution.
  • Regular cleaning of the air ducts and indoor air quality testing will ensure you are able to identify any severe problems before they become costly and need excessive repair/replacement. This is where the experts will be able to fix any parts that could be hampering the optimal performance of your HVAC system.
  • Having clean air circulating throughout your house will eliminate the need for an air purification system which also saves you money.

Cleaning Your Ducts Will Save You Money

Cooling the air in your home requires a lot of electricity – it is something of a necessity in South Florida and we often consider how we could lessen these costs. Air vents that are not able to flow freely will need to work harder in order to perform their function. Working harder means that your electricity will need to work harder too and will lead to high energy bills.

A room with good indoor air quality requires less usage time of your air conditioning systems which will further save you money. Aside from the air quality, any damage that has been caused by clogged up air ducts could become costly. Ultimately, regular cleaning of your air ventilation systems will extend the life of your systems and prevent you needing to do an overall replacement, which could be quite costly.

In a professional setting, good indoor quality will ensure your employees are able to work productively and in a comfortable, healthy space. Because we tend to spend most of our working day indoors, it is vitally important that the air we are breathing and circulating, is of high quality. Poor air quality can often result in sick employees, low productivity which will impact your bottom line, and often employees feeling lethargic and tired all day.

If you are looking to get your ducts cleaned and sanitized then don’t hesitate to call the duct cleaning with the experts at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric!


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