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Pipe Lining is an Environmentally Friendly Process

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In today’s day and age, being environmentally friendly is extremely important. We consider our environmental impact in many of our everyday decisions. So why should your home’s pipe lining be any different? You’re right, it shouldn’t!

Pipe lining is a new and improved plumbing technology and is quickly leaving pipe replacement behind. This process is more cost-effective, time- efficient and safer when compared to the older pipe replacement.

It can be often overlooked but pipe lining is in fact better for the environment too. Before we explore why, let’s quickly jump into what exactly the process is.

What Is Pipe Lining?

Pipe lining is an innovative process of repairing blocked or cracked pipes, done completely above ground. In other words, it’s completed without digging up your entire garden!

By using a special epoxy resin, the pipe lining process repairs your pipelines from the inside-out. That is just a glance at one of the many reasons that classify the procedure as environmentally friendly. We listed some more prime examples down below.

What Makes the Pipe Lining Process Environmentally Friendly?

A few things, actually…

  • Zero Waste

    Unlike pipe replacement, your existing pipes are left in place during the pipe lining process. Not only does this mean the lengthy procedure of removing old pipes is removed, but you are also generating far less waste.

    The use of the resin means that the repair work is done from within, as the resin forms a protective coating to the shape of the pipe. This will leave you with stronger and more durable pipes than before.

    Removing pipes means that they need to be recycled or taken to a landfill. By taking this waste out of the equation, you are significantly reducing the environmental footprint associated with the process. There will be less waste in the landfill and less carbon emissions from transporting it.

  • No Need for Digging

    We’ve already touched on the fact that during pipe lining, digging or excavation in your garden or lawn is not necessary. By using small cameras, experts can inspect your home’s pipes from the inside.

    Digging disrupts the surrounding environment and can lead to degrading of the soil. Losing topsoil can have negative knock-on effects, such as choking natural waterways and affecting wildlife habitats. It is quite clear that your garden is far better off if you make use of the pipe lining process.

  • No Harmful Chemicals

    The pipe lining process does not use harmful chemicals, making the repairs safe for the environment. During pipe replacement, chemical cleaning agents or tools can release damaging toxins that could potentially contaminate the air and water supply.

    The main backbone of the pipe operation is the epoxy resin. The resin is environmentally safe and will not affect the surrounding area.

  • Less Carbon Emissions

    The production process of epoxy coatings or pipe liners are not directly responsible for carbon emissions. What this means is that this process is not contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Once again, this demonstrates the very small carbon footprint that pipe lining has and why it is being hailed as a green plumbing solution.

    In addition, lining is less labor intensive, uses little to no machinery and does not require much in the form of transportation. This all contributes to reducing the overall carbon emissions of pipeline repair.

  • Conserves the Water Supply

    According to the EPA, the average household’s leaks in the United States can account for almost 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year. Pipe lining removes water waste from the equation by sealing any cracks in the pipe as well as preventing further damage for the next few years. By promoting pipe lining as a more effective and longer lasting process, the overall yearly wastage of water can be reduced.

Environmentally Friendly Plumbing & Rooter Service in South Florida

At Art, Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning we make sure we use the most innovative and environmentally conscious solutions to meet your plumbing needs.

Our experts come well equipped to carry out pipe lining in a way that has the smallest environmental impact possible. Give us a call today on 1-833-773-1524 to schedule an appointment and we’ll handle the rest.


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