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How Art Clears A Main Sewer Line

main sewer line
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You’ve just flushed the toilet to see that instead of going down, the water level is rising! In a panicked state, you dance around unsure of what to do next. Do you search for a plunger or start getting the mop ready?  Main sewer line blockages happen all the time, and often, the culprits are tree roots. A reliable local plumbing company will have the tools and expertise to clear them out.

Why Are There Tree Roots in The Main Sewer Line?

Tree roots are attracted by the moisture that accompanies any sewer system. Believe it or not, our waste is like a fertilizer that tree roots seek out. The sewerage can leak out of the pipe through tiny hairline cracks or even joins. This allows access for the tree roots and what starts as small root can develop into a tangled mess of roots. If you suspect tree roots are causing you problems, a sewer camera inspection will reveal the extent of the blockage.

If Roots Are Already Growing in the Pipes, Is It Too Late?

The roots may have started growing without you noticing but it’s not too late for a rooter machine to clear the way. A specialized tool, the rooter machine is designed to get into the mass of roots and clear it up. Samuel Blanc, an Iowan innovator came up with the original, patented rooter machine in the 1930s and plumbers have been using them ever since. The modern rooter machines have made many technological advancements over the years and handle the rooting job with maximum efficiency.

How Art Rooter Does It?

South Florida homeowners have a love-hate relationship with trees. On the one hand, the climate is perfect for a beautiful garden of trees and shrubs. On the other hand, it’s also perfect for tree roots. Sewer line cleaning has been a staple service that Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning has provided since 1983. Here’s how we clear those pesky tree roots.

Step 1: Get the Rooting Machine Into Position

The main sewer line of your home is connected to the larger municipal sewer line. The rooting machine needs to clean the main sewer line between your home and the larger municipal sewer.

Step 2: Feed Rooter Machine Pipe into Main Residential Sewer Line

With the rooter machine in position, the rooter cable is lowered into the sewer. The cable has a large claw-like blade at the end. This blade is used to chop up any debris or roots that it encounters.

Step 3: Start Rotating the Rooter Machine Blade

There are two major forces at work here. The first is chopping and cutting. The blade cuts the roots into smaller pieces making them easier to clear. The second is torque or spinning force. Torque is a very powerful force. In the same way that Everglades alligators spin when catching their prey to overpower it, the rooter machine will do to a clump of roots!

Step 4: Make Sure the Sewer Line Is Free of All Blockages

Once the initial blockage is cleaned out, the rooter machine is moved back and forth along the length of the pipe to ensure that there are no further blockages. The entire line is checked from the public line to where your home plumbing empties into the main sewer line.

Step 5: Retraction of Rooter Machine and Clean Up

Once the line is confirmed to be “root free”, the rooter machine is retracted out of the sewer line. The area is cleared from any residue that may have come back up the pipe. You’re now free to enjoy the experience of a drainage system that works like new!

Professional Rooter Service in Miami-Dade County

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