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Buying An Older Home? Don’t Forget A Sewer Inspection!

Sewer Inspection
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When buying a home, especially an older one, having a sewer inspection before a home purchase most likely isn’t the first thing on a novice homebuyer’s mind. Things to consider when going through with a sewer inspection include the important reasons for the inspection, how to go about examining a sewer line, and the cost of the examination.

Reasons To Examine A Sewer Line

First of all, if the favored home has an age older than 20 years, homebuyers should secure a sewer inspection because it’s rather typical for tree roots to create a blockage in the line. The tree roots can creep into microscopic openings and swell in the sewer line; they can fasten themselves on to other rubble, like excess grease. The chance of having a blockage drastically increases.

Knowing the age of the home is important, not only when considering the growth of tree roots in the sewer line, but also in determining if the home was built previously to the installation of city sewers. If this is the case, instead of city sewers, sewer lines depended on cesspools, or a shielded hole for the use to hold sewage. By scheduling a sewer inspection with your local plumber, like Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning, you would be able to discover the structure of your sewer line.

Another important reason to have a sewer inspection is to catch an issue early on so that it doesn’t lead to more problems, which will result in a costly bill. The main culprits to creating a sewer line obstruction include tree roots, settling and buildup of sludge, ground fluctuation, lesser pipe materials, and overall inadequate installation.

A Guide To Sewer Inspection

When calling for a sewer inspection, a professional plumber who is licensed and insured, like Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning, will have all the necessary tools and training to successfully complete the inspection and proceed forward with the necessary steps to correct any issue.

The first step the plumber would take would be placing a snake connected to a video camera into the clean-out. This is the entry to the main sewer line. It’s based outside the house either in the front or back of the yard. Clean-outs have the appearance of a covered pipe protruding about a few inches atop the ground. You would be able to see the sewer through the camera as the plumber moves the snake through it. The sewer inspection wouldn’t only reveal the condition of the sewer line. It would also show you the overall status and “health” of the old home’s sewer.

Ask the plumber to give you the rundown on the condition of the sewer. This includes the materials used.

Cost Of Sewer Inspection

If there are no outstanding issues, the sewer inspection shouldn’t be too expensive. However, larger sewer issues can be costly. This is why it’s wise to have the problem checked out sooner rather than later. If you’re unsure about putting money into an old home with sewer line issues, consider looking into financing options. Art offers several options.

Local Plumbers Near Me

Scheduling a full plumbing inspection before you buy an old home is an important thing to do. It’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into if there are any underlying issues at hand.

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