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Ask Art: What Can I Do About A Broken Drain Line?

Broken Drain Line
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Plumbing systems are designed to be out of sight and out of mind with good reason. This is a great setup when things are working as they are supposed to. However, when you’re dealing with a broken drain line, it can be tricky to find and fix the problem.

Seven Sure Signs Of A Broken Drain Line

Below we discuss the most common signs that you may be dealing with a broken drain line.

1. Stinky Odors

Plumbing that’s in good working order shouldn’t allow sewer smells to escape.

When things start smelling less than fresh around your home, you could be dealing with a broken drain line that is allowing the toxic sewer gas to escape. This is especially true of odors coming from your lawn, rather than in your home.

2. When Slow Draining Drains, Clogs, & Backups Gang Up On You 

Individual drains that run slowly or block periodically are usually a sign of blockages, but if you have multiple drains that tend to run slow or block up at the same time, it’s possible that you are dealing with a broken drain line.

3. The Grass Is Greener … In That One Patch

A patch of extra lush green lawn is an odd, but clear sign of a sewer line break as the nutrients from the broken drain line will nourish the grass around the area of the break. This fertilization effect seems to be helpful but it’s only a temporary boost as toxins build up in the ground.

4. Swampy, Soggy Patches Of Lawn

Depending on the severity of the break, the grass around the broken drain line may end up more like a smelly, soggy, swamp that attracts bugs and rodents. The seepage can cause a sinkhole above the break and make that area of the lawn off-limits until repairs have been done. Insects and rodents may then move into any buildings that are close to the break, bringing dirt and potential diseases in with them.

5. Infestation Of Rodents & Bugs

You might also find a sudden infestation of bugs and rodents in your home or office without the swampy lawn. This is because rodents often live in sewer lines and only need the smallest crack to get into your building. Insects will wiggle through any cracks in the drain line and breed in the stagnant water.

A sudden increase in either of these is an indication of a broken drain line.

6. Mold & Mildew Caused By Dampness

Water from a broken drain line will cause wet spots that can rapidly cause the spread of mold and mildew. Mold and mildew spores are bad news for anyone who is allergy prone as they can cause severe allergic reactions. 

If left untreated, mold and mildew can cause major damage to the supporting, internal, and external structure of your home.

7. Cracked Slabs & Walls

Broken drain lines can cause the soil below the foundation of your home to wash away, leading to cracks in the slab and walls of your home.

Three Steps To Dealing With A Broken Drain Line

If you suspect that you are dealing with a broken drain line, the best thing you can do is call a plumber from Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning to perform a thorough sewer inspection that will include three main steps.

Step 1: Eliminate Drain Clogs As A Cause Of The Problem

Clearing any obvious clogs is the first step to diagnosing and dealing with a broken drain line. These are usually build-ups of toilet paper, soap scum, hair, or grease.

Step 2: Find The Drain Line 

It’s easier to find the drain line in homes with a crawl space than those with slab foundations. Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning technicians are equipped with high-tech equipment and can provide video drain inspections

Video drain inspections use a high definition camera to find the exact location of the break and determine the severity of the damage.

Step 3: Repair Or Replace

Depending on what caused the break and how bad the damage is, your plumber will either recommend repairing the damaged section or replacing the entire line.

Experience The Benefits Of New Plumbing Technology

Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning has been dealing with drain issues for decades. To see your problem tackled with the latest techniques, technology, and materials call Art today at 1-888-773-1524!


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