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When Do You Need Rooter Service?

Rooter Service
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A rooter service is simply a plumbing service named after its main function – clearing roots from your underground plumbing. Tree or bush roots can wreak havoc with your plumbing, and if left unattended, will lead to nasty pipe leaks and sewage spills.

Why Are Roots A Problem?

What our drains wash away is waste to us, but good nourishment for plants because of the organic matter that it contains. If there is any seepage from your underground plumbing lines, this will attract tree roots that are always on the hunt for water and nutrients. These roots will grow into the pipes through the cracks and force the cracks wider as they increase in size. As the roots feed on the nutrients in the pipe, they will continue to grow and expand. In a short time, they not only block the pipes but can damage them and cause water leaks too.

How Does A Rooter Service Work?

Tree rooter services used to be done using a blade inserted into the pipes that would cut away blockages, but nowadays using a less harsh technique called ‘water jetting,’ is the preferred method. Once the blockage has been identified using a video camera, water is pumped through the plumbing system at a high-speed with strong pressure. The force of the water is used to push out the roots and clogs. your pipes have been damaged by the growth, part of the rooter service will be to repair or replace them.

How Do You Know That You Need A Rooter Service?

Figuring out if you have a regular blockage or something that will require a full-on rooter service can be tricky. You can start by asking these three questions:

  1. Was my property built more than 50 years ago? Does it still have the original plumbing pipes?
  2. Do I have many trees and shrubs on the property?
  3. Is my plumbing backing up regularly?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider calling in one of our professionals from Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning to inspect your plumbing. They have the right tools to diagnose exactly what and where the problem is. They are fully equipped to decide how best to deal with any clogs, and if you need a rooter service or not.               

What Could Happen If You Delay Getting A Rooter Service?

Regular plumbing blockages are added slowly over time as waste matter collects and builds. When it comes to tree roots, the blockage increases much faster as the roots are actively growing and seeking out the moisture and nutrients contained in the pipes. The problem can spiral out of control fast, which leaves your pipes vulnerable to breakage. Broken pipes create sewage spills that are unsightly, unhygienic, smell bad, and put your family at risk of getting sick.

The Benefits Of Using A Rooter Service

Once the offending plant life has been removed and the pipes have been repaired, you should find that your home smells better! Your living environment will feel much cleaner and healthier and you won’t have to spend a fortune on drain cleaners that are harmful to the environment and can damage your pipes.

A Dedicated Solution To A Growing Problem

The professionals at Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning are ready to rescue you from your root problem. They have all the tools you need to fix the offending roots, or whatever else may be causing your plumbing headache. With state-of-the-art video inspections, they are able to diagnose your issue quickly and get to work on a solution that will restore your plumbing to a healthy state. They will also advise you on how to prevent the tree root problem from reoccurring. Don’t delay, call today! 1-888-773-1524.


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