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How To Get Quality Rooter Service

Rooter Service
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While we all love having large trees around to provide a little shade, the bigger the tree, the more damage its roots can cause. Rooter service is just what it sounds like. It’s a service that removes tree roots which blocks sewer or plumbing pipes around your home. While the term itself is outdated, it now covers all aspects of drain cleaning or even pipe repair necessary for your household plumbing to work effectively. Rooter service isn’t something that just anyone can perform, that’s why the professional and reliable team at Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning have got you covered.

What Does Rooter Service Include?

In the same way that pipe blockages inside your household are handled, rooter service makes use of a similar principle, but sometimes on a larger scale. Rooter service ensures that indoor and outdoor blockages or clogs are cleared before your indoor plumbing or outdoor drainage and sewer lines are affected. The device used to do this job is often called a plumber’s snake. Sometimes the plumbing snake can be motorized, or it can be a hand-cranked device, which enters the plumbing pipe system that is in or around your property. This device will then break up or pull out anything that clogs your pipeline.

A handy feature on modern plumbing snakes is a camera that allows the plumber to see exactly what caused the clog as well as how severe the damage is. A large selection of special tools and other products will be used to ensure that your piping system is clear. If it is an outdoor clog caused by tree roots, your plumber will also make use of drain cleaning enzymes to kill the roots and safely remove the blockage without causing further damage to your sewer and pipe lines. After a rooter service is done, your plumbing technician will run some water through the pipes, to ensure that the blockage is completely cleared.

Remember, if you are dealing with pipe damage caused by tree roots you will need to repair your pipes to ensure no further issues or costs arise. Your pipes may have corroded or undergone wear and tear thanks to the blockage. If you don’t repair it immediately, you will end up having to deal with leaks and other severe drainage problems.

When Should You Call A Rooter Technician?

As soon as you notice your drainage is a lot slower than it used to be, you should call Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning.  Our rooter service technicians are able to help you unclog both indoor and outdoor plumbing pipe blockages. The severity and location of the clog or blockage will determine how bad the overall damage is to your plumbing pipes.

Looking at the affected areas is a good indicator on where the clog is, indoors or outdoors.

Some household plumbing clogs are generally comprised of food debris, hair, and maybe paper or other products. These types of clogs will show in the area closest to the clog. For example, if your toilet is clogged, your toilet bowl can overflow. If it’s a problem with your kitchen sink, you will notice that water drains slowly from the sink.

If the clog or blockage is affecting one of your main pipes that lead in or out of your home, the affected area will be much larger. You may see backups in various areas of your home like your bathtub or kitchen sink. This means that you’ll see water come up into your bathtub if you let water run in the bathroom sink, or you could see water rising out of your kitchen sink when you use your laundry machine.

There is another, more foul-smelling side effect of blocked or clogged drains. In some cases, waste water from the toilet flows back up and out of your toilet bowl, and all over your bathroom floor. No-one wants to deal with sewage waste all over their bathroom floor. A further side effect of having to deal with this issue is the exposure to bacteria and germs your household members face after cleaning up the mess left behind. You don’t want to expose your family members to any unnecessary health risks associated with sewage waste.

Prevention is always better than cure so, before anything happens, call in an expert rooter service provider to handle your plumbing clogs. Our rooter service is unparalleled in the Broward County, Palm Beach County & Miami-Dade County areas.


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