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How Do Rooters Clear A Clogged Sink?

clear a clogged sink
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Getting the family ready in the morning can be challenging. Getting the kid’s teeth brushed and rinsing breakfast bowls are just two of the tasks involved in the morning routine. Nothing complicates these activities like trying to clear a clogged sink. Let’s face it, blocked drains are a hassle. Rest assured, rooters are an effective way to clear your clogged sink fast.

What is A Rooter Service?

A rooter service is a drain cleaning or pipe repair service. Plumbing companies use various tools to unclog blocked drains. The most common rooter tool is a plumbing snake. Using a router service is the best way to clear a clogged sink. A plumber will be able to assess the blockage and use the appropriate tools to unclog it. But how do rooters clear a clogged sink?

The Drain Snake

The plumbing snake is the most common method of unclogging a sink. It gets the name because the cable resembles a snake. There are different types of drain snakes. The most common is a quarter-inch thick cable that is fed down your sink. Its main advantage is that it’s bent and flexed, it’s also minimally invasive. A plumber will begin by feeding the drain snake down your sink drain. They will continue to feed it down until they locate the blockage. They will then twist and maneuver the snake to remove the blockage. Once the blockage is removed, the drain snake is pulled out and your sink is ready to use.

Beware of the wire coat hanger: You may think that using a wire coat hanger is a cheap drain DIY tactic. A coat hanger isn’t as flexible as a plumbing snake and can do damage to your pipes if not careful. It’s best to let your hangers perform their intended purpose of holding your clothes.

Hydro Jetting

Another technique is hydro jetting. This uses high-pressure water to remove a blockage. Hydro jetting is the least invasive approach. Before water is pushed through your pipes, a camera will be inserted down your sink to find the blockage. Once the blockage is located, water flows through a pressurized water tank. Powerful jets of water shoot through your pipes and remove any debris. Hydro jetting can remove years of grease build-up and mineral scale deposits.

Clean Out The P-Trap

Every sink has a drain trap or P-trap under the sink bowl. It looks like a “U” or a “P” hence the name. It plays an important role in keeping harmful gasses from entering your home. Remove your P-trap that your home may start to smell like a sewer. The P-trap prevents various kinds of debris from falling down your plumbing system. This includes any jewelry that may fall into the sink. It’s because of this that it can get clogged from time to time. A plumber will perform the following steps to clean out your P-trap:

  • Place a bucket underneath the trap to catch any leaking water or debris
  • Remove the P-trap from the wall and inspect the piping for a clog.
  • Clean out any debris and refit the P-trap

It’s highly advisable not to try this yourself.

Get Out The Old Plunger

Plungers have been used for many years to clear clogged drains. They’re easy enough to use and don’t require much expertise. The issue is that they aren’t always effective in clearing out blockages. For medium to large blockages, you will need to rely on the skills of a plumber to unclog your sink.

Clear Your Clogged Sink Fast

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