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A Day In The Life Of A Rooter Plumber

Rooter Plumber
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Tree roots and debris can cause havoc to your plumbing system. Are you tired of slow-draining drains and blocked toilets? Have you tried all the conventional DIY methods of unblocking your drains, only to have them blocked again a few weeks later? You need professional help. It’s time to call a rooter plumber.

A rooter, a generic name for a sewer-cleaning machine, originated from the idea that most drains and sewer lines were blocked because of tree root invasions. Although nowadays that is only partially true, the name “rooter” stuck. The plumbing experts who specialize in unblocking and cleaning sewer lines and drains are known as rooter plumbers.

When Would You Call A Rooter Plumber?

Any plumbing service involving drain maintenance, cleaning, or repair, requires the expertise of a rooter plumber. Signs that your drain is blocked or damaged and you need a rooter plumber include:

  • Gurgling toilets. Unless it’s being flushed, your toilet should not be making any noises.
  • Drains that are draining slowly or not at all.
  • Multiple drains backing up at the same time. This could indicate a sewer line problem.
  • Wastewater backs up in another, unrelated plumbing drain/fixture. This could also indicate a larger blockage further down the main sewer line.
  • Wastewater backs up and floods the home.

What Is A Typical Day For A Rooter Plumber?

Although most rooster plumbers agree that the challenges they face vary from one day to the next, an average day would involve the following:

Diagnosing The Fault

Rooter plumbers are usually called out for plumbing emergencies, so the first thing they would need to do is diagnose the root of the problem They would do this by:

  • Visually inspecting the problem fixture or drain.
  • Use specialized equipment to inspect deeper into the drain/sewer system if the blockage is not easy to see.

Explaining The Repair Options

Even though blocked drains or sewer lines are a plumbing emergency and will need repair, the plumber will always take the time to explain various repair options and provide a cost estimate. Repairs options could include:

  • Snaking one or more drains to remove blockages.
  • Removing secondary pipes to clean and eliminate blockages.
  • Repairing corroded, cracked, or damaged pipes.
  • Replacing sagging, damaged, or collapsed pipes.

Resolving The Issue

Once the blockage is detected, the plumber will use the necessary means to resolve the problem. If the sewer lines need replacing, there are two options:

  • Excavation – This involves excavating the garden and digging up old/damaged or sagging sewer lines that need replacing.
  • Trenchless sewer line repair or replacement – this less invasive option is used when sewer lines are less damaged/sufficiently intact. This option does not require digging up the lawn or damaging the garden.

What Tools And Equipment Do Rooter Plumbers Use?

Rooter plumbers are licensed and trained to use specialized plumbing equipment. Tools and equipment you may see them using include:

The Plunger

The most basic plumbing piece of equipment is the plunger. Plungers come in various sizes and used correctly, can be very effective in unblocking toilets, showers sinks, and drains.

Pipe Video Cameras

Pipe video cameras are specialized video cameras connected to a cable. When the plumber maneuvers the cable through the drainage system, they can view unreachable portions of the pipe.

The Drain Snake

Designed to be used on clogged sinks and smaller drains, the drain snake consists of a long cable with a mechanism that resembles a corkscrew on the end. Plumbers use a crank to push the cable to the blockage, then maneuver the cable until they break the clog.

Drain snakes can be either manual or motorized. The motorized drain snake is also either wired or cordless and is usually used on bigger pipes or more stubborn blockages.

Drain Auger

Similar to the drain snake, the drain auger is used on larger pipes like the ones found in the toilet or shower. Drain augers are also available in manual or motorized form.

The Hair Snake

Made of plastic, and available in various sizes, the hair snake is the tool that specializes in removing the most common cause of shower blockages, namely HAIR. The average person sheds 50 – 100 hairs a day, and most of that happens in the shower. Single strands of hair may not be a problem, but multiple strands of hair knotted together create large problems for the shower drain, especially in crowded households.

The Hydro Jet

The hydro-jet is used on stubborn clogs and blockages. A stream of pressurized water is sent through the pipe that not only gets rid of the blockage but also cleans the drains. The pressurized water helps to get rid of residue on the pipe walls thereby preventing the likelihood of further pipe damage and future clogs.

Cable Cleaners

Cable cleaners are machines, with spinning blades at the end of a cable, and are used for both small and large plumbing jobs. The cables are either sectional (up to 15 ft in length) or continuous cables that vary between 25 – 100 ft.

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