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The Strangest Things That Have Clogged Our Drains

Clogged Our Drains
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Flushing most things other than toilet paper can lead to big problems for your plumping. Even flushing the smallest foreign objects, like Q-tips and hair, can lead to clogged drains, as well as other problems in your drainage system. Remarkably, things that shouldn’t be anywhere near a home, much less your drain, have been found lodged in pipes. Believe us, this list gets progressively stranger as you read on. Rest assured, no matter how tough the job, the specialists at Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning are prepared to tackle it for you.


Apparently, some people take the phrase “money down the drain” to a literal sense. Often plumbers have found handfuls of coins clogging pipes. Amounts have ranged from a couple of coins to thousands in quarters lodged in a single pipe. Why anyone would flush their savings down the drain is beyond us, but we’re still curious to know the reasoning behind it.

Rolls of Toilet Paper

Oh, the irony. Yes, entire rolls of toilet paper have been found in pipes. Having to reach for the dreaded plunger is something we all try to avoid. But flushing an entire roll of toilet paper seems a tad counterproductive. How an entire roll even made it down in the first place is the big question.


Feeling like there’s nothing good to wear can be frustrating. Clothes we no longer want or need to take up valuable closet space. But a toilet is not the answer. We won’t judge you if you’ve entertained the idea of flushing garments down the drain but consider the damage it can do to your pipes. Like other foreign objects, clothes will clog your drain. Even the flimsiest garments can easily get stuck. Unfortunately, plumbers have had to retrieve one too many pieces of old underwear clogged in drains.

Electric Clippers

Don’t you just hate it when you flush your clippers down the toilet? One family got the ultimate surprise when they found out why their toilet was backed up. As the plumber ran a snake down the pipe, the toilet began to shake erratically. Apparently, the owner’s cat swiped the clippers into the toilet. The snake happened to switch on the clippers, which strangely worked after the entire ordeal.


When air freshener won’t do the trick, deodorant will? In all seriousness, travel size deodorant has been found lodged in drains. Whether or not these cases were intentional is unknown. Pro-tip: if you want to keep your bathroom smelling fresh, there are many toilet cleaners on the market. The best part, you won’t have to remember to put deodorant on your toilet every morning.


Small animals are frequently found in drains. A squirrel, on the other hand, isn’t something anyone is prepared to see. Wild animals can climb through vent pipes attached to the roof. The pathway eventually leads to your toilet and other drainage sources. Some unlucky animals may find themselves in a tricky situation since getting out isn’t as easy as getting in.

Miniature Bottles of Alcohol

A business found itself in a dilemma when the owner walked into pools of overflowing toilets in each restroom. Evidently, a worker thought it would be smart to mask workplace drinking by flushing empty bottles of alcohol down the drain. When plumbers isolated the cause, the problem was quickly solved. Unfortunately, the owner was left with the headache of reprimanding the employee.

A Civil War Cannon Shell

Read the heading once more if you have too. We’re as baffled as you are on this one. Sewer systems in older cities usually rely on antiquated mains that contain an entire series of strange objects. Plumbers in Vicksburg, Mississippi managed to uncover a large Civil War cannon shell. Given the history, this cannon was probably abandoned for over 150 years. Specialists from the Army were called in to retrieve the shell.

Things are bound to get crazy when drains are involved. It’s important to regularly inspect your plumbing in order to catch any surprises early on. Contact us or schedule a service call. Our specialists are here to do the job right.


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