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Signs Of A Clogged Dishwasher Drain Hose

clogged dishwasher drain hose
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When your dishwasher is not draining properly, it can be a sign that there is something blocking the hose. If you ignore the problem, it can lead to flooding and water damage in your home. Learn more about the signs of a clogged dishwasher drain hoseand how to fix it. Also, read some handy tips on how to prevent a clogged dishwasher drain hose from happening in the first place.

Odd Gurgling Sounds

If you hear a gurgling sound from your dishwasher, it’s a red flag that something is not quite right with the plumbing. Gurgling sounds indicate that there is a clog in your drain, and there’s a possibility that water is trying to break through the blockage. When you hear these sounds, they are not from the dishwasher, but instead, they are coming from the drain.

Water Is Backed Up

If water backs up into the sink after your dishwasher starts running, there’s most likely an issue. When this happens, turn off the dishwasher and run the garbage disposal to make sure food or other items are not stuck in there. Once this is done, any food or debris should be cleared out of the drains that were possibly causing the clog. If water continues to back up, then it’s time to contact a plumber as soon as possible.

Slow Drainage

If the dishwasher and kitchen sink are draining slowly, then a clog may have developed in the plumbing system between the sink and dishwasher. If the blockage continues over time, then it could lead to flooding. It’s critical to seek out help from an experienced plumber immediately.

Dishes Are Dirty

If your dishwasher is leaving behind dirty dishes, then it may indicate that a sufficient amount of water is not getting through the unit. It could be that the dishwasher was not loaded correctly or you were not using the appropriate dishwashing agent. You could be experiencing a drain clog that’s preventing the correct amount of water from reaching your dishes. If the issue persists, you will need to contact a plumber.

Standing Water

If you notice that there are puddles of water resting at the bottom of the dishwasher, you could have a clogged drain somewhere in your plumbing system. It also means that the dishwasher did not properly drain. Make sure that you check the strainer located at the back of your dishwasher for debris or food particles that could be causing the clog. If you still see puddles of water after emptying the strainer, you should get in contact with a plumber.

Preventing Dishwasher Clogs

Here are the best ways to prevent a clogged dishwasher drain hose:

  • When you use your dishwasher, select the hot water cycle to remove dirt easier.
  • Check the filter on a regular basis and clear away anything that’s stuck.
  • Clean off leftover food from bowls, plates, and other dishes prior to loading them in the dishwasher.
  • Turn on your dishwasher often. This will ensure that there’s an adequate flow of water and detergent. Also, make sure that you’re using the correct dishwashing detergent.
  • Properly maintain your dishwasher by keeping it clean and in good working condition.

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