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Drain Maintenance: What Happens When You Don’t Take Care Of Your Drains?

Drain Maintenance
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The only way to ensure your home has healthy drains is to have proper drain maintenance. Small everyday precautions can have a big impact on your drains and their longevity. If you don’t take care of them, a variety of problems can arise and potentially become expensive repairs.

The First Sign, The Smell

The first problem you will notice is a horrible smell coming from either one or more of your drains. Not only is this smell extremely off-putting, but it is a major sign that there is a buildup in your pipes. If left alone, it could create health problems for you and your family.

The smell is typically caused by the fat, grease, and food particles like coffee grounds that fall into the sink. They stick to the side of the pipe and accumulate over time.

Next Step, Slow Draining

This is a clear sign that you need your drains cleaned. The backup in your pipes has gotten so bad that even water is having a hard time moving through them. This can happen in any drain in your home.

Food and grease are not the only things that can get stuck in drains. In the bathroom hair, soap, and small objects can fall into the sink and shower drain. The soap scum combined with hair can have a devastating effect on your drains when left unattended.

At this stage, there is still time to clean your drains and practice proper drain maintenance before it becomes a costly problem. Don’t hesitate to call a drain specialist to make them sparkling clean again.

The Big Finale, Breaking Pipes

If drain maintenance isn’t your priority and you ignore all the warning signs, you’ll end up with a cracked or broken pipe. This expensive and frustrating situation should be avoided at all costs.

Clogged pipes will crack under the pressure. It doesn’t take a lot of pressure for your pipes to sustain damage. Once it’s cracked, you will not only have to pay to fix the pipe, but you could also sustain water damage.

The easiest and most common way people clog their pipes is by flushing non-flushable objects down the toilet. Sanitary products, paper towels, and even flushable wipes should all be thrown into the garbage. If you only flush toilet paper and waste, this will prevent many clogs from forming.


Drain maintenance is the number one way to prevent extensive drain malfunctions. Be aware of your drain’s condition and look for the first stages of dirty drains. Smaller issues are much easier to fix, so you should have your drains cleaned once you notice a smell or slow drainage.

Routinely clean your drains twice a year to prevent buildup. It’s an affordable method to prevent a larger issue from occurring. It’s a cheap option especially when compared to a cracked pipe and the damage it can cause.

Place a screen over your drains in the kitchen, bathroom, and shower to prevent unwanted objects from entering your pipes. It will catch chunks of food, small bones, hair, and other objects that might find their way into your drains.

Never pour grease or fat into your kitchen sink. Your pipes were not intended to handle grease. It will get stuck to the wall of the pipe and cause buildup over time. Always discard your grease into the garbage after it has cooled down.

Never flush anything but toilet paper. Flushable wipes might be advertised as a safe to flush item, but they can still get stuck in your pipes. Your drain isn’t intended to transport anything but toilet paper and waste

These preventive actions aren’t difficult to follow, and they have the potential to save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Need Help? Call A Drain Cleaning Specialist

Are your drains overdue for a cleaning? Have you noticed any of the warning signs? Even the homes with the best drain maintenance still need a great plumber or rooter professional. Call our experts at Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning. If you live in or near Coral Springs, Florida, you can reach us at 1-888-773-1524 to schedule an appointment today.


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