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DIY vs Professional Drain Cleaning Service

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When you have a clogged drain there is always the debate about whether to DIY or to call drain cleaning services, like those offered at Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning. While doing it yourself may seem like the cheaper option at the moment, here are a few reasons to consider calling a professional for help.

DIY: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

We understand that in the trying times that we are facing with COVID-19, saving money has become a priority. While there are many jobs around the home that can be tackled without professional help, deep cleaning your drains should not be one of them.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider calling a drain cleaning service from the beginning:

  • Damage Your Pipes

    For years, liquid drain cleaner has been everyone’s go-to product to clear a blocked drain. While some of them may have seemed effective, they generally contain harsh chemicals. These caustic cleaners damage not only your drains, but also the environment. Keeping chemical use to a minimum and calling a professional is the best way to go, for you and our planet.

  • Finding The Cause

    When it comes to your plumbing, things are not always as they seem. Starting a DIY project without the certainty of the cause behind the issue is risky business. What appears as a simple issue may actually be far more complex and require a different approach or repair from the beginning.

    A professional drain cleaning service will have the necessary tools to identify the source of the issue and have a plan of action in mind.

  • Making It Worse

    When it comes to DIY drain cleaning, there are a number of sources that recommend sticking coat hangers and other household items down your drain. Unfortunately, this can often add to your drainage issues rather than take away from it. Sticking long, sharp objects down your drain can damage your pipes and leave you with costly repairs.

Why Professional Drain Cleaning Services Are Best

There are a number of benefits to hiring a professional draining cleaning service, some of which are:

  • Safer Practices

    “Do it yourself” drain cleaning may not always be effective. As mentioned previously, the caustic products sold at retail stores can be harmful to your drains over time. Calling a professional drain cleaning service, gives you the assurance that your drains are being cleaned safely.

  • They’re More Effective

    A clogged drain may have more to it than meets the eye. An issue that can often be made worse by the use of over-the-counter drain cleaning products. A professional like Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning would be able to identify the underlying issue and the best approach to fixing it.

  • It’s One Less Headache

    Drain cleaning can be quite a tricky task, especially for the inexperienced. Hiring a plumber will save you time, money long-term, and the hassle of buying tools that you may never use again.

  • They Have Proper Inspection Equipment

    Professional drain cleaning services are equipped with the latest and best tools for the job. Taking the guesswork out of cleaning, their specialty cameras allow them to take a look inside your drain and definitively identify what’s causing the problem.

  • Expert Insight

    Being experts in their field, a professional will not only clear your clogged drain, but they also provide insight into the questions: Why did it happen? And how can I prevent it from happening again in the future? Their knowledge and experience will also give you peace of mind that your pipes are working and in excellent working condition.

How Art Can Help Clear Your Drain Today

While calling a professional like Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning may seem like the more expensive option, it can save your drain and your money in the long-term. Call us today at 1-888-773-1524 for all your drain cleaning needs! Big or small, we clear them all!

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