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Get Rid of Unwanted Guests

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Unfortunately, not every mouse that we see belongs on Disney or cooking up a storm in a kitchen in France. Sometimes you will need the help of a rodent removal company to ensure that your home is pest free. Even if you see just one single mouse, remember there will always be more hidden behind the walls or under the floors.  Essentially, all mice, like people, want the same thing – food and water and a cozy place to raise their young.

A few telltale signs of little visitors to your home would be little poop pellets around your home or check your pantry to ensure that there aren’t visible gnaw marks or holes in your boxes or bags of food products. You may even notice strange odors and stains. As cute as they can be, they may also cause more serious damage to your home. They may take a liking to the electrical wiring and take a nibble or twenty, which breaks the insulation and can cause a house fire. Some rodents are also carriers of various illnesses and bacteria.  Don’t forget about your vehicles. Rodents love to be warm and may nest under the hood of your vehicle – this means they may decide to sharpen their little teeth on various wires in your car, causing extensive and costly damage.

You can find plenty of DIY solutions online, but many aren’t scientifically backed or guaranteed to work. By the time you contact a professional contractor, it may be too late. Rewiring your homes electrical circuit could be a very costly expense, but ultimately it is cheaper than watching your home burn down since a mouse took a liking to gnawing on your homes wiring. Sure you could stick with old faithful such as a mousetrap, but people are often squeamish and you never want your little ones to see the results of an effective trap first hand.

A professional contractor will be able to determine the exact entry point where the rodents enter your home and can set the traps in a strategic manner which will ensure they are caught. Rodents are smart little critters and can squeeze through the tiniest of holes and if not, all it takes is a little nibble here, and a gnaw there and Viola! – Bigger hole.

Remember that you need to take into consideration the fact that unfortunately, the bigger and more unkempt your garden is, the more you run the risk of unwanted guests in your home.  Even your home, an untidy home is a haven to these little critters, but sometimes, no matter how clean you are, you can’t control what happens in the neighboring houses.

A professional will have more than just the ability to trap rodents. Your contractor will ensure that your home becomes mouse proof without causing further damage to your property and he may be able to assess the extent of the damage and advise you on how to proceed. Don’t hesitate to call us at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric; we can help you remove those pesky little visitors.


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