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Get Rid of Your Rat Problem

get rid of roof rats
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Where there is food and shelter, rats will happily settle down, and it is a struggle to get rid of them. So how do you get rid of roof rats when they consider your home to be their home too? Attics, roofs, crawl spaces, and walls are popular locations of choice for rats to live, and to get rid of them can be a challenge once they have decided to settle.

How do you know if you have a rat problem?
There are some tell-tale signs that a rodent infestation has taken place on your property.

  • Droppings – Typically, rat droppings are shiny, black in color, in the shape of a capsule, and about three times the size of mice feces.
  • Strange odors and urine stains – If rats have been around for a while, an unusual stale smell can give them away. Rodent urine will automatically appear under a black tool light.
  • Rat runs – Outdoor runways left by rats in grass or bare earth are sure signs that there are rats on your premises. They are normally smooth and clear of vegetation. Clean paths through dust or dirt are an indoor indication of rats. Tracks can also include grease marks along the walls of runways as the oil and dirt from rats are left behind.
  • Gnawing – Rough edged holes are the result of a rat’s gnawing habits. Although their preference is to chew on wood, damage can occur when electrical wires, property, and food packaging are available to chew on.
  • Rodent sightings and scampering – Rats are normally nocturnal, and sounds of scampering, gnawing, and scratching at night are signs of their presence. Any of these signs during the day suggests that there is a heavy infestation.

How to get rid of rats
There are two main ways to get rid of rats.

  1. Do it yourself
  2. Hire a professional

The first option to DIY the removal is not recommended. Besides the lack of hygiene that is associated with rats, there are other hazards and potential diseases they bring to the party. Rats are known to carry and transmit multiple diseases that are hazardous to your health and the health of those around you. They damage property as their teeth are used to chew through all sorts of materials. A professional will have the skills and tools to be able to handle your rat infestation without causing any further damage to your property and keeping your home and family safe from disease and contamination.

Roof rats travel in colonies – this means that you are normally dealing with more than just a couple of vermin. Although the easiest way to rid yourself of roof rats is to seal up any visible hole or opening; they can become a recurring problem if not handled professionally. Hiring a professional will not only limit costs in failed attempts of poison, traps and bait; but it also releases you from the responsibility of having to deal directly with the animals. Professional exterminators know how to use the poisons and traps in a way that keeps everyone safe. They can also offer some expert advice on rodents – like how to prevent rats, how to clean up after rodents and natural deterrents.

Professional exterminators will assess the situations and decide a program of treatment. Poisons, traps, and different baits will be used to provide the most effective solution to your rat problem.

Prevent further problems
Moving forward, there are ways that you can prevent rat problems. Sanitation is first and foremost the most effective. Simple acts such as removing clutter and storing food in airtight containers can reduce rat population. Excluding rats from entering your home can also be easily done by closing up small holes, fitting grates on drains and sewer pipes, and making sure that all doors and windows are tightly fixed within their frames.


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