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When is it Time to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Air conditioning unit replacement
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Replacing your Air Conditioning Unit vs. Repairing It

  • Time could be a determining factor when deciding to repair or replace an air conditioning unit. If your AC was built or installed before 2002 then you might want to seriously consider a replacement even if it does not require a repair. The reason for this – it’s costly to run an old unit – the money you would be saving on utility costs could help pay for the cost of a new AC unit. Therefore, it would be wise for you to consider an air-conditioning unit replacement rather than a repair.
  • Another reason for replacing your AC unit would be if you have an out-of-warranty compressor that has failed or an out-of-warranty coil that has failed or started to leak refrigerant. These parts are vital components; having to replace them is equal to replacing your car’s engine.  It isn’t cost effective to spend hundreds of dollars on a repair and having your AC unit replaced would be a better option.
  • If the repair will cost you more than a third of a replacement unit it would be advisable to replace the unit. This makes sense: if repairing your unit will lead to excessive amount of money then replacing your AC is the way to go. A unit replacement will be worth your while as it will improve your home comfort and minimize your electric bills. New air-conditioning units are cost effective and give you better comfort at a lower cost.
  • Lack of maintenance and/or poor quality installation may lead to you having to replace your AC. Therefore making sure that you maintain your air conditioner properly means that you could have a healthy unit for many years.

When is it time to replace it?
YOU are the one who will be making the decision. Therefore factors such as finance and comfort will come into play. The best time to replace your air conditioning unit is when you are planning on it rather than when the system fails. The normal life span of a unit is usually between 10-15 years for the compressor in an outdoor unit. The air handler will usually last between 10 to 12 years. Having to repair your AC is an expensive exercise. You will need to consider whether it may prove more cost effective for you to replace your unit rather than repair it.

Benefits of an air conditioning unit replacement
New AC units are more efficient with innovative comfort features that give you better results at a better cost. These factors could determine whether you should replace your old air conditioner or repair it. However, money will probably be your deciding factor if you still have a unit that has not yet completely failed.

Whether you will replace or repair your air conditioning unit will most probably depend on your financial position, comfort and environmental needs. Just remember that if you have to repair your AC and it is going to cost you more than a third for a new one, it will probably be more cost effective to replace it.

Air conditioner not working?
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