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Start Spring with a Healthy AC

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As you wave goodbye to winter and welcome spring you may have already constructed an outstanding list of spring cleaning goals and home repairs that you want to complete before summer. With rising temperatures, the first thing on your list will probably be AC repair and maintenance, especially if your AC has been on the blink or neglected over the winter period.

It’s no secret that the one thing we cannot do without during the summer in Florida is air conditioning! Hot days in Florida demand fully functioning and perfectly working AC units and systems. Without them those scorching days will most certainly take their toll on every day life, disrupting things when you really need to concentrate on work, sleep better at night, and generally feel refreshed through the day.

Because you don’t use your AC as much in winter, you might think that paying for an annual maintenance plan is a waste of time. But rather than wait to pay for costly emergency AC repairs, a maintenance plan is actually a wise and cost effective choice.

Unarguably planning ahead makes things easier. We do it with so many things, such as car service and maintenance plans, saving plans, annual vacations, schooling programs etc. So why not plan your air conditioning maintenance schedule ahead of time too?

Keeping your AC repairs up to date with a maintenance plan will help you keep your air conditioning in top shape by tackling smaller issues before they become real problems. Having dirty coils will create costly problems if left unseen too. With a maintenance plan you will never have to worry about dirty coils (and their added issues) as it will cover taking care of such things on a regular basis. Remember, even the smallest repairs can make a big impact on your equipment and long term repair costs.

If you only see to repairs once they have irritated you enough to finally call a technician, you begin running the risk of your equipment failing on a more regular basis. This then leads to you spending more on repairs than if you had planned ahead with a maintenance plan and prevented these unnecessary malfunctioning annoyances. So in the long run not only do you save your unit from undue wear and tear but you will also actually save more money by getting regular visits from a technician to make sure things are 100%.

Art Plumbing, AC and Electric offers incredible service maintenance plans as well as 24-hour emergency services. However, in our experience the happiest customers are not the ones calling us out at 3am to fix a non-cooling AC unit, but rather those who planned ahead with a solid maintenance plan! Either way, our certified and experienced technicians will make sure that your air conditioning unit is always in top working condition, saving you from those emergency call outs on hot summer nights. Contact us today and let us help you tick one more thing off of your spring cleaning list!


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