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Environmental Benefits Of AC Coil Cleaning

AC Coil Cleaning
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What’s the relationship between AC coil cleaning and reducing your carbon footprint? Quite a lot! For Floridians looking to make environmentally-conscious choices, but also want to be comfortable, regular coil cleaning can help.

The air conditioning technicians at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric break down the ways that coil cleaning improves sustainability (and can save you money in the process!).

The Environmental Benefits Of AC Coil Cleaning

Feel better about keeping cool knowing these environmentally friendly effects of cleaning your AC coils:

Reduce Energy

Depending on the HVAC system you have, you could potentially save 15-20% of your energy consumption by keeping your coils clean. That means less environmental impact as well as reduced utility bills.

Limit The Number Of Maintenance Calls

Many HVAC issues are fixable however, it’s still a hassle to have to keep calling an AC company when something goes wrong. Not only do those calls cost you, but it’s also time you have to spend sweating in an uncomfortable home. Regular coil cleaning helps your HVAC system run smoothly, meaning fewer issues that require repair.


Improve Airflow In The Home

The AC coils are constantly exposed to dust particles in the air, resulting in grime that can reduce airflow. It also results in unclean air and increased energy consumption. What can you do to prevent this? You guessed it – clean those coils!

Avoid Having To Replace Your HVAC System

Properly managed airflow is essential for maintaining a healthy HVAC system that can last for many years. When your system works effectively, you can avoid the need to replace it sooner. Neglecting to clean the coils in your system can cause it to work harder than necessary, which can ultimately shorten the lifespan of the unit.

In addition to coil cleaning it is recommended to perform regular air conditioning tune-ups and maintenance to help increase the lifespan of an HVAC system.

AC Coil Cleaning In South Florida

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