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Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late To Call About Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Service
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Servicing your air conditioner is a maintenance job that should be a regular occurrence. Leaving your AC to break down before you have it serviced could leave you sitting with a hefty bill and an uncomfortable home.

General wear and tear will occur throughout the lifespan of your AC and in order to ensure you get the most from your system, regular air conditioning service is necessary.

Why AC Service Is Important 

Without servicing your AC, you won’t truly know the state of your system. There are common AC problems that occur due to their consistent use and experienced electricians will be able to spot them. Regular servicing ensures that all parts get checked, replaced if need be and that any potential malfunction is prevented ahead of the time.

By leaving your AC to continuously work until it starts to slow down, you ultimately risk having your AC system breakdown completely. But there are more issues that might present themselves before this happens.

Unclean Air 

One of the most important roles your AC has is circulating throughout the room, whether it be hot or cold air. Dirty evaporator coils restrict airflow and your home cannot be efficiently cooled or heated.

Dirty coils can lead to mold and mildew growth which will also affect the air that gets pumped into your home. In the hotter months, the condenser coil prevents hot air from flowing into your home. A dirty condenser coil won’t be able to handle the hot air and your unit will have to work that much harder to cool your home. This affects your utility bills and the lifespan of the air conditioner is shortened.

The air filter needs to be replaced on a regular basis which can be done when you have your unit serviced. The role of the air filter is to filter out allergens, dust, pollen, and dander. An unclean air filter can’t prevent these airborne particles from entering the home. 

Art recommends changing your air filter once a month.

Power Issues 

When you have your AC serviced, all power connections and sources are checked to ensure that the unit is drawing the right amount of power – not too much and not too little. If the unit is drawing too much electricity it may damage your unit and cost your household unnecessary amounts in utility bills. 

If the unit is drawing too little power, it won’t able to efficiently cool down or heat up your home and that will leave you frustrated and uncomfortable.


Leaks in an air conditioning system occur for many reasons and are detrimental to the lifespan of the unit.

The drain hole may be blocked with dirt, the seals may be loose, or the hose may be clogged. There may be a broken pump that isn’t drawing the water from the overflow pan. If the unit is leaking refrigerant, this can pose a dangerous risk as the liquid evaporates and becomes gas.

Evaporator coils may be frozen which will spike your electricity bills. That being said, don’t ignore a leak assuming it’s just water from the cooling system. Your unit should not be dripping liquid.

Thermostat Malfunctions 

The thermostat controls when the unit turns on and off. If the thermostat is broken, it cannot carry out its job. Again, you’re setting your household up for discomfort and a potentially damaged AC unit.

Air Conditioning Service In Greater Fort Lauderdale

At the end of the day, you don’t want your air conditioning system to break down and stop working. This will cost you more money than having your AC serviced regularly. You may not even be aware of the increased costs you’ve been subjected to by neglecting regular services. Take note of the signs your AC needs service, schedule regular appointments, and protect your home with clean, well-circulated air. Call Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric today at 1-800-475-1504 to schedule your air conditioning service.


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