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Common Commercial AC Repairs & Problems

commercial AC repairs
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Commercial AC systems are designed to be robust, even under heavy usage. However, nothing lasts forever and this guide will help you know when to call the repairman before things get extremely costly. There are two broad categories into which commercial AC failures fall;

Total Failure

Total failure of your commercial AC unit is most commonly due to a mechanical system seizing up such as the compressor or fan belts and motors and usually ends with the main circuit breaker tripping. Resist the urge to continue re-setting the breaker, as this could lead to an internal component failure which could result in a costly commercial AC repair. If your breaker does trip, consult one of our professional technicians at Art Plumbing, AC and Electric. You can call our emergency service helpline any time, and be assured of rapid service and expert advice.

If the system starts smoking or gets unusually hot, don’t leave it running, switch it off. Commercial AC units do get hot, especially around the condenser on a warm summers day, so a little heat here is not a problem, but if there are signs of smoke or any of the unit surfaces are hot enough to burn you, the problem could be an electrical short-circuit; its best to simply switch the system off and call the professionals. Total failure can also occur completely silently, with the system just dying, or failing to power up. These issues are usually related to the electrical control system or thermostat, and our friendly technicians will never leave you sweating; at Art Plumbing, AC and Electric all our work is guaranteed. If your thermostat is a fairly recent model, it may even give you an error code, which allows for easy diagnosis by our repair team.

Soft Failure

Commercial AC systems when running properly should match the temperature set by the controller fairly closely. However sometimes they fail to deliver the cool air we are used to, this is often linked to poor maintenance. You don’t expect your car to run forever without the occasional service, and the same is true for an AC system. There are two main mechanical components in an AC system – the fans and the compressor. Both need an occasional thorough clean, oil and belt change and lube service. If this isn’t done, overheating, poor airflow or weak cooling can occur.

Another common issue is that the system runs and runs yet doesn’t cool. This is most often due to a refrigerant leak, or the system running low on refrigerant. Occasionally it can also be a problem with the thermostat. Continuing to use the system in this state will not only result in burnt out employees, but can also put unnecessary strain on the condenser system which can work out more costly later down the line. Don’t waste time with this one, call our experienced commercial AC repair service today.

Ducting issues can cause interesting situations where one room becomes an icebox while the other a sauna. This is often due to ineffective dampers in the ducting systems or blocked ducts. Make sure that you clean your ducting regularly as a build up of dust in the ducts and filters can lead to poor air quality or even sick building syndrome.

There are many things that could go wrong with your commercial air-conditioning system. The most important thing is to ensure the system is regularly maintained, as this will keep both the inside temperature and your expenses low. If you need any advice, quotations or simply a system tune up; no job is to big or too small for Art Plumbing, AC and Electric.


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