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Caring for Air Conditioning Systems over the Winter

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Caring for Air Conditioning Systems over the Winter

While air conditioning systems definitely get a major workout during the summers in South Florida, over the winter is a good time to do some preventative maintenance to your air conditioning system. Regular preventative air conditioning system maintenance will help to ensure your system continues to work efficiently next summer.

Here are some air conditioning system maintenance tips to perform over the winter:

  • Ensure that the burner assembly is cleaned thoroughly
  • Ensure that all soot from the fireside of the burner is removed
  • Ensure that the humidifier is cleaned thoroughly and remains operational
  • Ensure that the heat exchanger is free from all cracks and damage
  • Ensure that the air-to-fuel ratio of burner is adjusted accordingly and that a combustion analysis is performed.
  • Ensure that all debris around the unit is removed. Heading into winter is a great time to check on air conditioning systems and ensure that any leaves or branches from trees have not fallen on or near a condenser unit. Any debris in your condenser could affect the system’s heat exchanger, causing damage to your air conditioning system.
  • Ensure that air conditioning systems are cleaned. Heading into winter is also a great time to clean your air conditioning system, using a hose to clean away any dirt that has built up over time on your system. If the weather is cool when you hose the unit down, make sure to dry it off so there is no chance of any ice forming on the system. If it is typical South Florida winter weather, you can let it air dry.

Performing this type of winter maintenance on air conditioning systems will mean more money in your pocket. Preventative maintenance results in a lot of positives, such as lower utility bills each month, units working more efficiently, and air conditioning systems lasting longer than they would if no maintenance was performed.

It will also give you peace of mind that when the hot weather returns in the spring, you will have no problems turning on the air conditioning system and cooling down your home. Having fewer repair bills and a system that lasts a long time and works consistently is great incentive for performing winter maintenance.

Art Plumbing and Air Conditioning performs air conditioning system maintenance in Coral Springs and surrounding areas. Whether you need a tune-up, an air conditioning repair or just some preventative maintenance as we head toward winter, Art Plumbing and Air Conditioning are the experts to do it for you.


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