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Make Sure Your AC Runs Perfectly All Summer

Air conditioning maintenance
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Air conditioning maintenance is key to extending your air conditioner’s lifespan as well as saving on your energy costs. It will also ensure that your air conditioner’s performance does not decline over time. Despite the complexity of air conditioning equipment, there are a few things you can do yourself to make sure your AC is operating at its best all summer long. It is important to remember that before you perform any work on your AC as described below, make sure that the power to the air conditioning system is switched off.

Clean your filters
One of the most important tasks of maintenance is to ensure that the filters are routinely cleaned or replaced, depending on the type of filter. This should be done every one to two months during warm seasons and even more frequently if you constantly keep the AC on, if it is quite dusty in your home, or if you have pets that frequently shed fur. If your filters are clogged or dirty, your AC could be using up to 15% more energy. The dirt could also be carried by the air into the evaporator coil and damage the coil’s heat-absorbing ability.

Care for your coils
Although you might clean your filters regularly, dirt and debris will inevitably start to collect in the air conditioner’s evaporator and condenser coils. If your evaporator coil starts to get dirty, its ability to absorb heat and cool your home will be reduced. It is therefore necessary, in maintaining your AC, to clean the evaporator coil about once a year. The condenser coil is found outside your home and is more prone to dirt and dust due to lawn-mowing, falling leaves etc. However this coil is more visible and you will immediately be able to see when it needs a good scrubbing. It is also advisable that you make sure that any shrubbery is at least two feet away from the unit. Coils are covered in aluminum fins, which are easily bent. In order to maintain your AC you will need to remove any bends and dents by means of a ‘fin comb.’ Ask the professionals at Art Plumbing & Air Conditioning for more info on fixing bends and dents.

More maintenance
Other things you can do to make sure that your AC runs perfectly all summer include:

Having the blower components cleaned professionally and making sure that there is nothing obstructing the airflow as this prevents your AC from functioning optimally Don’t block off any supply or return vents in your home.

Know your limits
The things that you should be doing yourself to maintain your AC are minimal. To really prolong the lifespan of your air conditioning system your best bet is to call the professionals at Art Plumbing & Air Conditioning. It is also important to note that if any further problems arise with your system they must be dealt with by a professional technician. This will save you time, trouble and potential health risks.


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