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How Well Do You Know Your Plumbing?

How Well Do You Know Your Plumbing? Take The Quiz

This is a timed quiz. You will be given 600 seconds to answer all questions. Are you ready?


Plumbing follows a few basic laws of nature - what are they?

Plumbing Follows Basic Laws Of Nature
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Plumbing makes use of pressure, gravity, and water seeking its own level.

Residential plumbing systems are comprised of which two sub-systems?

Residential Plumbing Is Made Up Of Two Sub-Systems
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The sub-systems of a residential plumbing system are incoming freshwater and outgoing wastewater.

Can these two sub-systems overlap?

Can Sub-Systems Overlap?
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A. You do not want to overlap between these sub-systems! You could end up with toilet water in your shower.

What is a “plumbing fixture?”

Plumbing Fixtures Have More Than One Name
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Any device using freshwater and wastewater is considered plumbing fixtures.

In plumbing, a “bridge” refers to what?

A Bridge Refers To A Common Plumbing Term
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A bridge is where incoming and outgoing water meets, for example, a sink.

What is the first thing you should do before changing a pipe in your home?

Before Changing Pipes, Do This First
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Rule Number 1: ALWAYS check the plumbing code.

What stops sewer gases from entering your home’s drains?

You Don't Want Sewer Gases Leaking In Your Home
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Vent stack and vent pipes admit air which seals the trap - preventing sewer gases from going where you don’t want them to go.

What does an aerator do?

Aerators Serve An Important Function In Plumbing
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Aerators are small mesh screens attached to the tips of faucets. They reduce the volume of water used while maintaining high-pressure flow by introducing small bubbles to the water. They also filter debris and reduce splashing in sinks.

What are the differences between sewer and septic systems in residential plumbing systems?

Sewer Systems Are More Common Than Septic Systems In Florida.
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They are very similar systems.

Smooth drainage requires what level of pressure?

Your Plumbing's Drainage System Should Be Smooth.
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Smooth drainage depends on gravity, not pressure.

If the vent on the roof stopped supplying air, what would happen?

The Vents On Your Roof Serve A Lot Of Purposes
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Water in the traps would have to be drawn out manually.

When is a sink trap necessary in a modern efficient drainage system?

Sink Traps Are Necessary When?
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The sink trap stops sewer gas from entering your home and also prevents any waste from entering and blocking the pipes.

Sink blockages are most commonly caused by…

Causes Of Sink Blockages
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Hair and grease from cooking are the most common causes of the sink and drain blockages.

In plumbing, what does DWV stand for?

Plumbers Often Work With DWVs
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DWV stands for drain-waste-vent.

What is the best way to get to know your drainage system better?

Basic Plumbing Knowledge Quiz
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While all of these are good options, nothing beats first-hand experience!

How Well Do You Know Your Plumbing?

Plumbing Quiz Results: 100% Correct

You deserve a gold star! Your plumbing knowledge is as good as it gets.
99% - 75% Correct

Plumbing Quiz Results: 75-99% Correct

Good job! You can definitely brag about this one.
75% - 50% Correct

Plumbing Quiz Results: 50-74% Correct

Nice one! Just a couple of terms and concepts to brush up on before you add ‘knowing plumbing facts’ to your CV.
50% - 25% Correct

Plumbing Quiz Results: 25-49% Correct

Good attempt! We always think it’s exciting to see budding plumbing fans - keep it up.
25% - 0% Correct

Plumbing Quiz Results: 0-24% Correct

Good try! You have a couple of things to read up about before you can consider yourself an expert - we recommend you read our blog and gain some plumbing knowledge.

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