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Water Treatment For Your Home

Water Treatment
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Water quality varies from neighborhood to neighborhood regardless if the water has been tested and monitored prior to arriving at your household. In this case, you would need to undertake water treatment in order to ensure safe, clean and good-tasting water for your household. The method of water treatment would be based on the type of water quality issue you are experiencing.

Untreated water can cause health issues such as vomiting and diarrhea. Water treatment is required to kill the microorganisms that cause these illnesses and ensure water is safe to drink. Clean water should be easily accessible for your family, without needing to make use of bottled water, which can come at an additional cost to your household. You may be struggling with one of many water quality issues, and they can be treated relatively easily.

If your water smells or tastes strange or is discolored, this is a clear sign that something may be wrong. Water with a red, orange, yellow, brown or a cloudy color may be a sign of iron/rust containments. Main signs of impurities in your water might include:

  • A rotten-egg smell or Sulphur taste: this suggests that there is a presence of hydrogen sulfide. This is an indication of bacteria in the water. Sulfates found in the water will give off a very salty taste. These sulfates are as a result of dissolved components of rain. Underground, these gases are trapped because they are actually insoluble in water. It is when the water is pumped to the surface and released through the faucet that the sulfide escapes and lets off a bad smell.
  • Decaying organic matter: when caught in the plumbing this will give off a musty, earthy odor.
  • Chlorine in your water: chlorine is meant to make water safer for you but is not very tasty. If you’re getting a heavy chlorine taste, your water needs treatment.
  • Metallic smelling and tasting water: this is a sign of mercury, lead, copper, arsenic or iron in the water. These chemicals may be coming from your pipes.
  • Hard water: this occurs when it rains and water soaks in to the ground. It dissolves and collects minerals like Calcium and Magnesium. Water with high mineral levels is called “hard water”. Hard water creates mineral deposits in/on pipes and appliances, showers and baths. It is then harder to clean as well.

Water Treatment Solutions

  • Water Softeners and Conditioners

    These will be necessary if you are experiencing water hardness. A water softening system is used to remove the excess minerals in the water. The water will pass through the system which leaves you with only “softened” water.

  • Twin Tank Water Softeners

    Twin Tank Softener machines allow for uninterrupted, 24/7 soft water. One tank will operate to soften the water while the other tank acts as a standby tank, regenerating to remove minerals when required. No time is wasted between cycles.

  • Well Water Filtration

    If you’re making use of well water, you probably struggle with high levels of Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide and Manganese. High levels of Sulphur can cause a rotten egg smell. There is more than one way to treat well water in your home namely filtration systems and distillation systems. Water filtration systems make use of a physical barrier to remove impurities from the water by means of a chemical or biological process. Distillation systems boil water, from which steam is collected and condensed in a separate container and leaves any solids behind. If you decide that perhaps you require disinfection treatment for your water, a physical or chemical process will be used to kill microorganisms that can cause illness. Chemical disinfectants that are used include chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone.

  • UV Disinfection

    If you decide that perhaps you require disinfection treatment for your water, a physical or chemical process will be used to kill microorganisms that can cause illness. Chemical disinfectants that are used include chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone. Physical disinfectants include ultraviolet light which reduces living contaminants in your water by disrupting the DNA of microorganisms. Therefore, these microorganisms cannot reproduce to further contaminate your water. UV treatment addresses contaminants that cause viruses, Cholera, Meningitis and E. coli.

  • No Salt Systems

    if you’re concerned about the environmental impact water treatment has on natural resources through backwashes or electricity reliant, Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric offer Green Treatment when filtering your water. This treatment uses two tanks, activated carbon specially developed seed crystallization anti-scale media to reduce scale deposit formation. Your water is protected and so are your appliances without having a huge impact on the environment.

  • Drinking Water Systems

    Reverse Osmosis systems filter out sediment, chemicals and minerals through carbon media. Water can be stored in a tank and can hold up to 75 gallons of clean water. Water filtration systems are beneficial here too.

At Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric we have the knowledge required to assist homeowners with taking care of their water systems – maintaining the highest quality for you and your family. We understand that there isn’t always time to do it yourself, so we offer a comprehensive range of water treatment solutions for effective assistance.


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