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Water Filter Installation vs. Counter Top or Refrigerator Filters

water filter installation
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Water is an essential part of our day to day lives. We use it for almost everything from cooking and cleaning to bathing and drinking. Use a complete water filter installation in your home to ensure that your water is safe and free from any harmful bacteria and chemicals.

Methods of Water Purification

Water filters use a range of different methods in purifying water. The most common method is an activated carbon filter. This carbon form has been structured with pores on the filter, which traps bacteria and contaminates. Another popular choice is the reverse osmosis method, in which water is bolstered through a membrane with small pores; trapping the contaminants and releasing the purified water. Adding to the list of available methods is the ultraviolet water purifying method. This method uses light through a glass container to eradicate all living bacteria, such as parasites and viruses and then supplies purified water.

Different Types of Water Filters

There are many different types of water filters which you can install to further purify the water entering your home. The three main types of filters are:

  • Counter Top Filters

    Installed at a single entry point (normally kitchen tap), counter top filters divert water from the tap through an activated carbon filter before dispensing. Minimal installation is required and it’s also easy to maintain. It takes up space and due to its size; counter top filters do not provide a huge capacity to filter water. Due to its isolated attachment, count top filters are limited to only service the tap by which it’s installed.

  • Refrigerator Filters

    Water is stored in a container located and mounted as part of your refrigerator. Often using carbon filters, the water needs to remain for a longer period in the filter in order to be properly purified. Also noted for its limited size, the filter is out sight and if not replaced regularly; can lead to bacteria festering and contamination.

  • Complete Water Filtration System

    This is a combination of Point of Entry (POE) and Point of Use (POU) Water Filters. POE is installed at your main water line, ensuring that water gets treated before entering your home. The filter removes odors and contaminates providing water safe for everyday general use. POU is installed at specific water outlets, such as the kitchen or bathroom, providing purified water which is suitable for drinking.

water filter installation

Benefits of Installing a Proper Water Filter System

Counter top and refrigerator water filters provide limited capacity in purifying water throughout your entire home. Installing a proper system will ensure you have peace of mind and offer some of these benefits:

  • Better Quality Water

    Instead of buying bottled water, you can use water straight from your own tap. Bottled water can be become quite costly, especially if bought daily. The water produced from a proper system is free from bacteria and ready to be digested.

  • Reduced Need for Plumbing

    Chemicals in unpurified water often cause damage to your water pipes and any appliances over time. A water filter system may reduce the frequency of pipe replacements and plumbing service needed.

  • Preventative Measure in the Event of Sewer Disasters

    Should any sewer disaster occur close to your water line, causing contamination, a water filter system will purify the water before it enters your home.

  • Better Health

    We consume water every day and contaminated water can easily cause skin irritations or allergens to arise. Purified water adds additional security that you’re drinking the best quality water.

Counter top or other similar small filters are insufficient in providing a total water purifying solution; ensure you have the best quality water available throughout your home by installing a complete system from Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric.


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