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Reasons To Invest In A Whole-Home Water Filtration System

Whole-Home Water Filtration System
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Water contamination is not uncommon in South Florida. Most of Florida’s freshwater is provided by underground aquifers. Aquifers can be easily contaminated which puts Florida’s drinking water at risk. Unsafe drinking water can contain harmful bacteria and other contaminants that can be a health hazard. This is where a whole-home water filtration system can guarantee you and your family’s safety.

Here are the main benefits of installing a whole-home water filtration system in South Florida.

Safe Drinking Water

Just because your water comes from a treatment plant doesn’t mean it’s safe to drink.

One of Florida’s challenges is that the Environmental Protection Department (EPA) has only established primary drinking water regulations for around 100 contaminants out of a few 1,000 known contaminants. This means that even once the water has gone through the processing plant, it can still contain contaminants such as lead, or chemicals like fluoride or chlorine.

An effective filtration system removes all of these contaminants and even removes sediments and heavy metals, making your water completely safe.

Unfiltered water also tends to taste funny. This can be caused by certain contaminants that may not be harmful but make drinking water an unpleasant experience. Filtered water is not only healthier, but it also tastes better too.

Better Health All-Around

Unfiltered water that is contaminated may contain harmful bacteria such as E. coli, which can cause serious gastrointestinal diseases.

A filtration system is specially treated to remove any organisms from the water and will protect you from getting sick.

Your skin will also benefit from purified water as contaminants found in unfiltered water can negatively contribute to skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Healthier Showers And Baths

When present in your shower or bath, chlorine can lead to several side-effects like dizziness, headaches, and even red eyes. What is even more concerning is that Chlorine is a known carcinogen or a cancer-causing agent. When chlorine is heated it releases harmful gases that can be dangerous to your health.

Investing in a whole-home water purification system will prevent this by eliminating chlorine from your water.

Longer Lasting Plumbing

Some chemicals and minerals in unfiltered water can build up over time and cause damage to your plumbing system. Harsh chemicals can erode your pipes, which can lead to regular plumbing repair bills.

Be aware that appliances that make use of water may also be susceptible to damage from contaminated water. This can include things like your faucet or garbage disposal.

Filtered water will help your pipes and appliances last longer.

Better For The Environment

You may be a regular purchaser of bottled water, but bottled water comes with its own challenges. Over 50 billion plastic water bottles are purchased in the U.S. each year and yet less than 40% of these are recycled. This poses a significant threat to the environment as the remainder of these bottles end up in landfills.

By installing a home water filtration system, you will have constant access to healthy and clean drinking water without negatively affecting the environment. It will also work out a lot cheaper as you won’t have to buy bottled water.

There are numerous benefits of a whole-home water filtration system. At Art Plumbing, AC & Electric, we have a comprehensive range of water treatment solutions. We will have the right solution for your water treatment needs. Call us today at 1-800-475-1504.


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