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Choosing the Right Home Water Treatment System

home water treatment
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Water is an essential part of our everyday lives – we use it for drinking, washing, cooking, recreation, and more. It is important that we have the best water available for our use and consumption – with the installation of a home water treatment system we are improving the quality of our water.

What Home Water Treatment Systems Should I Use For My Home?

There are a variety of water treatment systems on the market, from municipal water treatment to well water treatment. Each home has unique needs and a certain type of home water treatment system will suit each home’s individual needs.

Take a look at the best water treatment systems for households:

  • Drinking Water Systems

    With our daily recommended water intake suggested to be at least eight glasses, the quality of our home drinking water should be of the utmost importance. Art Plumbing AC & Electric offers two home water treatment systems for drinking water.

    • The Ultra-Filtration Drinking System
      This is a compact and affordable system that is easy to use with its twist and turn cartridges, offering effective removal of bacteria and chemicals in the water.
    • Art’s Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System
      The Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System treats water through a complex six stage filtration process which leaves water pure thanks to its ability to filter out sediment and remove chemicals. This advanced system has a wall-mount model, 75 gallons per day membrane, simple cartridge removal process, faucet, and plastic storage tank.
  • No Salt Systems

    No salt systems are great home water treatment option for the eco-conscious homeowner who not only wants to ensure the safety of his or her own water at home, but to help the environment along, too. Art Plumbing AC & Electric’s no salt Green Treatment system doesn’t rely on salt or electricity to operate and uses a two–tank model to activate carbon and reduce scale deposit formation. Appliances are protected and water is softened but without any negative environmental effects.

  • UV Disinfection

    Perhaps you live in an area where water quality is not at its best. UV Disinfection is the answer for home owners in search of an all-natural solution to poor water quality. A UV Disinfection home water treatment system eliminates up to 99% of harmful viruses and bacteria.

  • Municipal Water Treatment

    While we like to believe the water coming through our taps is properly filtered and cleansed, sometimes it’s best to have your own peace of mind. Our municipal water treatment options provide homeowners greater flexibility to take water treatment issues into their own hands:

    • Twin Tank Model
      This home water treatment occurs over a two-stage process allowing for water softening and chemical elimination. This results on no unpleasant odors and tastes for drinking water while also reducing scale and soap scum buildup.
    • Single Tank Triple Treatment Model
      The advanced Single Tank Triple Treatment Model takes home water treatment through a three-step process in a single tank. It softens water, eliminates chemicals, and filters chlorine taste and odor.

Contact Art Plumbing AC & Electric today for advice on the best home water treatment system for your home.


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