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Benefits Of A Good Water Filter System

Water Filter System
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Clean water is essential in our everyday lives. We all know that access to clean drinking water is important. But many people fail to realize just how vital a water filtration system is. Besides preventing harmful parasites and bacteria in your drinking water, water filtration can provide you with cleaner laundry and prevent hard-to-clean build-up around your water fixtures. The amount of money you’ll save and the results you’ll experience from a good water filter system will make you wish you had gotten one sooner.

Water Filter Benefits for Drinking Water

We know that improved taste and clarity go hand-in-hand with water filtration, but the things you can’t see or taste are the real problems. Well water can contain harmful germs, such as Giardia. The CDC reports Giardia can enter well water through sewage overflows and even water runoff. Ingesting water infected with this parasite can lead to gastrointestinal symptoms and dehydration. Giardia can make humans and pets very sick.

Filtration for Bad Odors

Hydrogen sulfide in water can result in a foul odor, often referred to as a “rotten egg” smell. This odor is unpleasant for drinking, but it isn’t pleasant for bathing in or for brushing your teeth either. There are water filtration solutions that can remove this odor and provide you with more enjoyable everyday experiences.

Benefits of Filtered Water for Fixtures

Limescale build-up is one of the most difficult things to clean in your bathtub or shower. No one wants to see these unattractive stains, but limescale does more than just look unpleasant, it can clog your drains, shower head, and even coffee pot. The best way to get rid of limescale build-up is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Some types of water filtration systems can remove elements that cause limescale build-up, resulting in cleaner fixtures.


Limescale can damage your washing machine over time, even leading to failing parts. You might need to have your washing machine repaired or replaced if the problem is left untreated. You might notice signs of build-up from hard water before your washing machine begins to fail. Laundry that doesn’t come out clean is a primary symptom of limescale in your washer. Using more soap will not resolve the issue. Removing build-up and the elements in your water can provide you with cleaner laundry.

How a Water Filter Can Save You Money

Filtered water will provide you with safe water, prevent stains, and help your appliances run more efficiently, but it can save you money too. Think about all that money you spend on bottled water, whether for drinking or for using your coffee pot. A good water filtration system will prevent you from adding this item to your grocery list.

You’ll also save money on cleaning supplies and your electric bills. When washing machines and other appliances aren’t working the way they should, they need to run harder, which can increase hot water and electricity usage. Investing in a good water filter pays for itself in no time and provides you with peace of mind.

Which Filtration System Do I Need?

The type of water filter you need depends on the issues you are experiencing and what you want to correct. Not all filtration systems work for limescale and other minerals, and not all of them work to remove all harmful bacteria and parasites.

Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric can help you determine which water filter option is best for you and your family. We provide several options for water filtration to fit all budgets and all filtration needs. If you have been holding off on a water filter installation because of financial concerns, you can apply for financing on our website.

Contact us today to see how we can provide you with safe, clean water that keeps your family and appliances healthy.


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